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Hey Y’all! It’s Damon here! I started making this bow the other day and now people are calling it the DamonBow! I can’t confirm that its truely the DamonBow, but I will say… It’s got a nice ring to it y’all!



Check it out!!

Guess what… You can make this bow too!

Tools Needed (affiliates):

  • 2 pieces of 26 gauge floral wire that is cut 24” long
  • Wire cutters
  • Large Probow
  • Scissors

Materials Needed:

3 rolls of 1 ½” ribbon
1 roll of 2 ½” ribbon



If you decide to make a copy of this bow tag it online – anywhere you post it! – as #damonbow so I can find it and check it out y’all! 🙂

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Sharing is caring!

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