About Us

You may know us from the internet, but we’re real people.

First Let’s Talk About You

Behind every great business is a great tribe with the same goals and inspirations. That’s why our mission is to empower you and inspire you to embrace your gifts so that you can make an impact in the world — both for you… and the people you serve.

It’s common for us with incredible gifts to try to hide our gifts, and to just try and fit in. We try to be “normal”… until one day, fitting in becomes impossible and we allow our gifts to make a difference in the world.

The DecoExchange team is here to give you the tools & strategies that you need to focus your gifts, heart & purpose into a focused action.This focused action will allow you to build a business that expresses who you are… and change the world in the process.

Our Mission

We turn crafters into online crafty-prenuers.

We do that through creating authentic and iconic brands and websites

We also train entrepreneurs with a big message for the world how to build their own platform through online branding, marketing and storytelling.

In an industry that often gets down played, we know the importance in recognizing fool’s gold and real gold.

You are the real gold…

You are just a few steps away from controlling your destiny online and impacting the world.

As a business owner, it’s important to learn the core strategies and skill sets for creating your own success.

In our experience, crafters often get little support at home for their businesses – this is why we express the importance of joining an online community.

We help crafters find their true voice, and build an enduring online business that will long outlive the “trend-of-the-moment” and help you earn that Crafty-Preneur title.

Our goal is to help 1 million crafters take their business out of what we call “pinterest mom” phase and into the real world where they can make a real difference.

Building an online business takes some specialized skills such as branding, finding your voice and SEO…

We don’t recommend trying to do it yourself forever, but you do need to know how to do it. How will you know if your business is failing if you don’t know the proper way it should be ran?

That’s why we’ve created Damon’s Inner circle to help you learn the steps that YOU need to take in your business.

Meet Our Team

Damon Oates

My name is Damon Oates & while I may be a ribbon hoarder…
I’m all business.

Damon is one of the few instructors to specialize in both e-commerce and content based businesses. He built his first five figure business at 17. He has built a few e-commerce based businesses – one five figure, one six-figure and one seven-figure business. He built a seven figure consulting company right out of college and he has now built a seven-figure sustainable content based business in less than a year.

He has taught thousands of other craftpreneurs how to implement his same business strategy. Students have hit six-figure businesses and one student is on trend to reach a seven-figure e-commerce business in 2019.

Parker Stelly

Parker is the backbone of the business and makes sure that every piece of the business is executed flawlessly.

Parker is the resident IT Guy, Warehouse Manager, customer service, contracts manager, and the man behind the scenes of DecoExchange. Parker has ran, managed, and executed a multi million dollar e-commerce store for the last year and he’s ready to help you gain the knowledge that you need to do the same!


Rhonda is our community suppport specialist. She is the “traffic controller” of our community. Manages our Facebook groups and gets people to the information that they are looking for.


Joni is our executive assistant. she handles customer service, scheduling, and makes sure everything stays up and running on the day to day scale while we are dealing with the big picture tasks

Let's Work Together