Wreath Kits

Save time with pre-made wreath kits that include the supplies you need to make your own designer wreath.

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Each wreath kit comes with access to an easy-to-follow video tutorial. Damon Oates, takes you through the entire process so that you can design your wreath at your own pace.

Check out the available kits and video tutorials below.

Evergreen Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-001

Home Sign Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-002


Mardi Gras Wreath Kit WK-004 

(Starts at 30:02 in the video tutorial)

Valentine Grapevine Heart Wreath Kit WK-005

Valentine Decomesh Heart Wreath Kit WK-006

Deluxe Mardi Gras Decomesh Wreath Kit WK-007

Deluxe St. Patricks Day DecoMesh Wreath Kit WK-009

Large Moss Cross Wreath Kit WK-011

Easter Cow Mesh Wreath Kit WK-012

Honeycomb Door Hanger WK-014

Grapevine Bunny Door Hanger WK-015

(starts at 1:14:40 in the tutorial)

Green Floral Wreath Kit WK-016

(starts at 55:35 in the tutorial)

Blessed Beyond Measure Wreath Kit WK-017

Bumble Bee Door Hanger Wreath Kit WK-018

Deluxe Ladybug Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-019

Patriotic Flag Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-020

Lady Bug Door Hanger WK-021

Deluxe Bee Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-022

(starts at 3:10)

Simple Patriotic Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-023

Patriotic Bike Wheel Spray Wreath Kit WK-023

Deluxe Bee Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-024

Patriotic Firework Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-025

UITC Cow Flower Wreath Kit WK-027

Double Burgundy & Gold Designer Wreath Kit WK-029

Purple & Gold Football Themed Wreath Kit WK-030

Gone to the Beach Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-031

Magnolia Flower Wreath Kit WK-032

Red Magnolia Flower Wreath Kit WK-033

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe Christmas Wreath Kit WK-035

Merry Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-036

Pink Magnolia Flower Wreath Kit WK-037

Cranberry Magnolia Flower Wreath Kit WK-038

Turquoise Magnolia Flower Wreath Kit WK-039

White Hydrangea Wreath Kit WK-040

Define Naughty Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-041

Wickedly Cute Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-042

Simple Sunflower and Greenery Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-043

Silver Winter Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-044

(starts 34:00)

Rustic Bike Wheel Wreath Kit WK-045

(starts 56:10)

Pumpkin Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-046

(starts 29:30)

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath Kit WK-047

(starts 8:30)

Hello Pumpkin Deco Mesh Wreath Kit 

Fall Scarecrow Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-48

Christmas Merry Wreath Kit WK-49

Elf Leg Christmas Tree Topper Kit WK-050

(starts at 21:25)

Ho Ho Ho Christmas Tree Topper Kit WK-051

(starts at 30:00)

Gift Package Door Hanger Kit WK-052

Gold Christmas Tree Topper Kit WK-053

Rustic Christmas Tree Topper Kit WK-054

Pink Flower Wreath Kit WK-055

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart Wreath Kit WK-056

Spring Welcome Double Wreath Kit WK-058

Easter Egg Mesh Wreath Kit WK-059

Grapevine Bunny Door Hanger – Wreath Kit WK-060

Small Sunflower Wreath Kit WK-061

Happy Easter Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-062

Sunflower Floral Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-063

Easter Chick Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-064

(starts at 33:50)

Easter Egg Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-065

(starts at 15:44)

Easter Bunny Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-066

(starts at 18:00)

Sunflower UITC Wreath Kit WK-067

Evergreen Grapevine Wreath Kit WITHOUT Sign WK-069

Evergreen Grapevine Wreath Kit WITH Sign WK-070

(starts at 23:00)

Fall Leopard Pumpkin Set Wreath Kit WK-072

(starts at 7:10)

Fall Leopard Pumpkin Set FOUR PC Set Wreath Kit WK-073

Everyday Wreath Kit WK-075

Bumble Bee Door Hanger Kit WK-077

Mini Halloween Wreath Kit WK-079

Jordan’s Ribbon Box – Aqua and Red WK-080

Jordan’s Ribbon Box – Fall 3 Piece WK-081

(starts at 2:05)

Jordan’s Ribbon Box – Candy Corn WK-082

(starts at 15:10)

Jordan’s Ribbon Box – Fall 4 Piece WK-083

(starts at 1:05)

Jordan’s Ribbon Box – Halloween WK -084

(starts at 10:40)

Jordan’s Ribbon Box – Halloween WK-085

(starts at 29:15) 

Black and Orange Halloween Bow WK-086

starts at 21:01

Jordan’s Ribbon Box – Christmas WK -087

Jordan’s Ribbon Box – Christmas Bow WK-088

(starts at 49:05)

Jordan’s Ribbon Box – Fall WK -089

Royal Blue Small Sunflower WK-090

Orange Small Sunflower


Red and White Small Sunflower WK-092

Christmas Small Sunflower

WK -093

Fall Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-094

Poly Burlap Flower Bundle – Mesh Bundle WK-095

Rustic Christmas Mesh Bundle WK-096

Halloween 10″ Mesh Bundle WK-097

Fall Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-098

Jordan Christmas Wreath WK-099

Halloween Pumpkin Grapevine Door Hanger WK-100

(starts at 22:00)

Meghan’s Gingie Deco Mesh Wreath Kit WK-101

Welcome to Our Home Grapevine WK-102

(starts at 00:30)

Pink and Red Candy Cane Grapevine Door Hanger WK-103

(starts at 42:00)

4 Piece Grapevine Pumpkin Door Hanger Kit WK-104

(starts at 22:30)

Sunflower Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-105

Pumpkin Variety Pack – Wreath Kit WK-106

Red and Green Grapevine Candy Cane Door Hanger WK-107

(starts at 1:11:45)

Halloween Grapevine Door Hanger Kit WK-108

(starts at 1:28:45)

2 Present Grapevine Door Hanger Kit WK-109

(starts at 1:48:35)

2 Present and Stocking Grapevine Door Hanger Kit WK-109 Deluxe

3 Project Christmas Wreath Kit  WK-110

3 Pack Halloween Wreath Kit WK-111

Meghan’s Fall Grapevine Wreath Kit WK-112

Meghan’s Christmas Mesh Wreath Kit WK-113

Fall Grapevine Simple Wreath Kit WK-114

Christmas Grapevine Simple Wreath Kit WK-115

Ho Ho Ho Santa Christmas Mesh Wreath Kit WK-116

Sunflower Fall DecoMesh Wreath Kit WK-117

Gather Here Fall DecoMesh Wreath Kit WK-118

Red and Gold Glitter DecoMesh Wreath Kit WK-119