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Hey Y’all – Welcome to week four of the Creative Brain Trust Spotlight.

This week we are featuring Stephanie Fogg and Justin Kivak of On the Wall Charm

About: Stephanie and Justin are a mother-son duo who created their business so they could care for their family from home. While they have fun unique designs for every occasion – they are proud of building a name for themselves with a niche market of baby wreath attachments!

Featured Product: Check out these custom made Baby Wreath attachments- some On the Wall Charm Original Peices –

How did you find DecoExchange? Sometimes the planets align, sometimes its written in the stars, and sometimes social media just does it’s job. Justin and Stephanie didn’t do anything special to find DecoExchange but we are sure glad they did! This is one of the reasons we preach going live and building your social media influence – you never know who can be watching and whose attention you may catch!

Whats their favorite thing about the Creative Brain Trust? Stephanie and Justin can’t get enough of the support group we have built in the Creative Brain Trust. We say it publicly, we say it privately, we will say it until the bitter end – A rising tide lifts ALL ships. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. #CommunityOverCompetition. This isn’t new to anyone guys. An open and honest environment is the best way to learn and teach!

What are some of their favorite products to work with? Fiskars Self Healing Cutting Mat, Titanium Scissors, Jubilee Yarn

What is their biggest challenge of 2018? Stephanie and Justin struggle with overall growth of their business. This is a huge topic in every single one of our coaching calls and will be a problem that is always lurking. We are confident that On The Wall Charm has got positive momentum behind them and will continue to grow as long as they continue to foster the community they have around them.

What is their biggest win of 2018? These two have had a huge success with the launch of their private subscription group – The Crafting Oasis. This group is dedicated to helping new creatives expand their knowledge about the joy and fun in crafting.

Stephanie and Justin will always have a spot near and dear to our hearts. We just love seeing family’s working together to make a positive impact on the community. Nothing beats having a good IT guy eh Steph? Y’all check out all they have to offer over at A little bird told me they have a standing Facebook live every Friday – tell them DecoExchange sent you!

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