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Hey there, wreath warriors! Ready to dive into the world of mesh flower wreaths using Unique in the Creek (UITC) boards? These boards make our DIY lives a whole lot easier. So, let’s create a bloomin’ beauties that’ll make your neighbors do a double-take.

4 wreaths designs - text that says Unique in the Creek Mesh Flowers

General Supply List

There may be a few variations depending on the design you pick, but here’s a general supply list.

Soft Purple Sunflower Tutorial

purple flower wreath

This is one of our fuller mesh flowers on the Unique on the Creek board. To check out the full tutorial for this purple sunflower project.

Traditional Sunflower UITC Board Tutorial

Sunflower Wreath

Like a more traditional sunflower look? This design sunflower mesh wreath on the UITC board is so pretty! Learn how to make it yourself with our video tutorial.

DIY Poinsettia Wreath on a Unique in the Creek Board

Poinsettia Wreath

If you’re ready to design for Christmas this one is beautifully simple! Feel free to use our tutorials to create sellable handmade decor for craft fairs and your online store. Head over the the DIY Poinsettia tutorial.

Cow Themed Wreath

UITC Cow Flower Wreath

Can you tell we have been having so much fun with the UITC boards lately, y’all! Learn how to make a UITC cow flower wreath using burlap mesh and an adorable cow sign.

Cute Valentine’s Day Flower

Pink and White Mesh Valentine Flower Wreath

Coach Mel from The Makers University Creative Coaching team made this adorable Valentine’s themed flower design on the UITC board. You could technically create this for Spring or a baby shower too.

Turquoise Magnolia Wreath on UITC Board

Turquoise Magnolia Wreath

This is one of our most popular magnolia designs on a Unique in the Creek board. This turquoise magnolia has a lot more spunk than your traditional design.

Red Magnolia Wreath on UITC Board

This magnolia gives off a little more sophisticated feel, but both are absolutely gorgeous. Watch the tutorial here.

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