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Parker talks about how he simplifies the business process. He takes business process management to a whole new level of amazing on a regular basis and breaks down how he does it for you in today’s episode. You’ll definitely want to catch these insights!

Hey, y’all! I realize that I might be (slightly) biased, but our Makers Mean Business (MMB) Podcast just keeps getting better and better every week. 

Our mission with this podcast is to deliver valuable, actionable pieces of information that you can take and use in your business to become more successful. And, I think that in just a short time we’ve have managed to share some powerful things.

Makers Mean Business Episode 20 - Business Process of Simplify, Implement, & Optimize Host: Parker Stelly

If you want to be able to leave your 9-5 so that you can lead a Maker’s life, we want to help you get there with the Makers Mean Business Podcast!

Today, we have Episode 020: SIO – Simplify, Implement, Optimize.

Our previous episode was with Amy Smith, from Ba Bam Wreaths, who talked about her tips for Makers. If you hope to grow a solid business, be sure to listen to Episode 19!

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MMB Episode 20: Business Process of Simplify, Implement, & Optimize

Parker has some mad skills when it comes to running a successful business, and he’s able to implement business processes in ways that many others aren’t able to.

You might even call his ability his “superpower”!

In this episode, he talks about how he uses his business process management “superpower” to simplify, implement, and optimize.

Let’s dive into the highlights of today’s episode by learning about these 3 steps.

1. Simplify

Simple is nice and easy, right? Simple is (obviously) uncomplicated – and that’s the problem for many business owners. They complicate things that don’t need to be complicated – or to put it another way, they don’t simplify when they could.

Undoubtedly, businesses are not simple, and most processes are complicated.

However, work to simplify.

Take your end goal, and break down your process into the fewest number of steps in order to achieve your goal. Eliminate any extra pieces that can be eliminated until you are down to the very “skeleton” of your process.

That’ll make your next step much easier.

2. Implementation

The fewer steps you have, the easier it is to implement. Once you are down to your process “skeleton”, implement that. The bells and whistles aren’t necessary.

Leave them alone for now. 

Catch his example about shipping and how that business process has evolved over time.

Then, move on to Optimize.

3. Optimize The Business Process

Once you have your “skeleton” up and running at bare-bones minimum, that’s when you add the bells and whistles.

In other words, do whatever is absolutely necessary to get yourself up and running first. Then, go back and add in any “nice-to-haves” later to make things even better.

Simplify, Implement, Optimize Business Process Management: Final Thoughts

I don’t want to spoil all of Parker’s wisdom in this episode, so let’s just say that this episode is powerful and has the ability to make a huge difference in your business! 

Be sure to catch Episode 020: SIO – Simplify, Implement, Optimize.

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 20 - Simplify, Implement, & Optimize

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In our next episode, our guest Zack Hufnagel of Wreaths of Joy talks about scaling from 0 to 7 figures. Come back to catch this episode and more from the Makers Mean Business Podcast.

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