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Each month we’re going to feature a Makers University success story! For our kick off post for this new series, we’re featuring Tammy Hodges, aka Coach Tammy. She’s a coach for both the creative and business groups within Makers University.

It seemed absolutely fitting to feature our coaches first so you can learn more about the leaders you’ll be getting support from during your MU journey.

Tammy Hodges - Polka Dot Wreath Co

Polka Dot Wreath Co.’s Makers University Success Story

I began my business in 2013, however, looking back, I had zero clue what I was doing really until 2016. I started doing Facebook Lives and then found Damon Oates in 2017 and joined his Coaching group as soon as he opened it.

I dove deep into the whys of business and how to grow and scale an online platform. I closed my brick and mortar six months after I opened it because I realized other than the holiday season, I could make more in one week online than a month in the physical space and not be tied to that.

I then opened up my own Coaching Group a couple of years later, Tammy’s Troops and was still active with Damon’s 1:1 Coaching and guidance. He wasn’t afraid to tell me to not make excuses and quit being “allergic to money”. That poverty mindset is real when you come from a background of military family life and teaching because neither one of those professions pay well for the most part. Being complacent with comfort at the poverty level was very hard to overcome and I still can struggle with “what if” syndrome.

Knowing that I have Makers University students and coaches to always support me in whatever I am doing certainly makes this journey worth it.

Giving myself value as a designer was something I had to do for myself and I don’t know that I could have reached that without Makers University. They not only gave me ideas, support and solid advice, but they gave me wings to use that for my own brand and company.

What was your favorite part of the Cha-Ching Blueprint?

Working at your own pace for what my Company needs. I still learn something EVERY SINGLE DAY in the blue print. If I get stuck, I refer back to it like a business encyclopedia.

What do you love most about Makers University?

Our students. The ah-ha moments that I see in so many of them. I love it when someone wins and has a success. It still gives me butterflies and makes my heart race every time someone says “I got my first cha ching!” Or “I sold out my event!”. Those are the moments I live for!

Creative Coaching - Free Tutorial

Where can you follow Tammy?

Website: Polka Dot Wreath Co.

Facebook: @polkadotwreathco

Instagram: @polkadotwreathco

Pinterest: @polkadotwreathco

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