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Hey Y’all – Welcome to week five of the Creative Brain Trust Spotlight.

This week we are featuring Betty Spencer of Shore Life Creations

About: Betty is a wife and mom of two grown children and retired business owner of 30 years. After having more free time than she was used to Betty found herself feeling empty. So like a true entrepenour she jumped back on her feet and started Shore Life Creations.

Featured Product: Betty loves showing off her beach inspirations! Check out this custom wreath:

How did you find DecoExchange? Betty happened to stumble across our good buddy Nick Kreticos which rekindled her interest in crafting. Not long after Nick’s live Betty found her way into our arms where we were happy to help her foster her creative nature with some TLC from the Inner Circle!

Whats your favorite thing about the Creative Brain Trust? Week after week we get the same responses you guys! Smaller groups and one on one training help tailor make solutions to entrepreneurs’ business issues. The smaller group sizes provide a comfortable community where Damon can really get to know Betty and help build the company she wants.

What are some of Betty’s favorite products to work with? Spoken like a true wreather – Betty loves her some good quality mesh. If you give her some grapevines and floral you better watch out! Some of her favorite pieces are Mailbox toppers and grave saddles. You can check out some of DecoExchange’s own mesh and wreath supplies here:

What is Betty’s biggest challenge of 2018? One of her goals this month was to increase sales in 2018. She put together an extremely aggressive goal of selling one product per day and it is proving to be one of her biggest challenges.

What is your biggest win of 2018? Sometimes goals are met, sometimes they aren’t, either way we push all of our students to persevere, re-evaluate their goals, and make changes that will get you where you need to go. That being said we are happy to say that Betty made 20 sales in the month of February. It’s not a sale a day but you are well on your way! Keep focus and keep pushing Betty!

Betty has been a beacon of perseverance not only for the members of the Creative Brain Trust, but for everyone that knows her. We are proud to have someone as determined as her at our side and will be there to celebrate that “sale a day month” when we get there! Y’all show her some love over at

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