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Subscription boxes are incredibly popular right now and cover nearly every interest or hobby you can think of. If you love crafting and wreath-making, you’ll be excited to hear that DecoExchange offers a monthly wreath subscription box you won’t want to miss. Here are all the details!

Hey, y’all! Have you seen all the subscription boxes there are out there these days? It’s crazy…the variety of subjects that appeal to kids and adults, alike is unparalleled. Whether you love cooking or crafting or have kids, I bet you’ve considered subscribing to at least one!

Truth be told…I have too ?

So why are subscription boxes so popular? It’s because they’re fun!

We get dozens of pieces of mail each week that are NOT fun: ads, bills, credit card mailings, and so much more. Isn’t it time to get something in the mail that you actually WANT to check out?

That’s the delight of subscription boxes! Receiving them is like celebrating your birthday – it’s all stuff you like in a box filled with your favorite goodies and delivered right to you on a monthly schedule.

No effort; all reward.

Subscription Boxes For Crafters

If you love crafting but don’t have time to decide what to do for your next project or go get supplies, then a craft subscription box might be the perfect solution.

With a low monthly fee, you’ll receive monthly boxes that do all the work of deciding craft projects and collecting supplies while leaving all the fun – the creating – to you.

Subscription boxes for crafters contain everything you need to complete the monthly craft and eliminate wasted money on extra supplies and wasted time combing through ideas until you decide what you want to do.

Plus, each box contains detailed instructions, so these monthly boxes make it easy to try out new crafts.

Are Monthly Boxes Really For Everyone?


Where monthly boxes really excel is in introducing new mediums and projects to subscribers of all experience levels and ability types.

Benefits of Subscription Boxes for New Crafters

Even people who are new to crafting or quilting will enjoy mystery boxes (and maybe even become dedicated crafter through using them) because all the prep work is already done.

Also, the fear of making mistakes and ruining their craft often holds people back from trying crafting projects. That is eliminated with subscription boxes because the problems are all worked out ahead of time so that you can focus on enjoying the process!

Benefits of Monthly Boxes for Experienced Crafters

Even more-experienced crafters enjoy subscription boxes because they offer options and ideas that may never have occurred to the subscriber. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try working with watercolors but don’t know anything about what supplies you would need or how to get started. 

That’s the beauty of monthly subscription boxes – even for all of us more experienced crafters, y’all!

We can always learn something new and often want to try new types of crafting that we’ve never done before.

Now Offering: DecoExchange Monthly Boxes

Currently, the offerings of monthly boxes for crafters focus on themes around sketching, using different mediums (ex: colored pencils, oil pastels, etc), quilting, beads, knitting, and more. 

Sounds pretty good, right? What more could you want?

How about wreath-making monthly boxes?

Oh yes, you read that correctly! Your favorite wreath maker is now offering monthly mystery boxes to help you try out making new, fun wreaths.

Top 7 Reasons to Love DecoExchange Monthly Boxes

More details will be coming your way very soon, but for now here are 7 reasons you’re going to want to grab your own DecoExchange monthly box right away.

1. Impressive Retail Value

I’m all about providing great value and getting the most “bang for your buck”. Each of our subscription boxes will have a retail value of $80 – $100. That’s $80+ of high-quality supplies that you don’t need to go out and find or collect yourself.

You’ll use each and every piece to create a beautiful wreath masterpiece that you’ll be proud to hang up on your door – or give as a gift to someone special.

2. Seasonal Creative Supplies

Each DecoExchange Monthly Box will contain an appropriate and creative seasonal project for you to make. My team and I have thoughtfully planned out each project and carefully packaged everything you need in each box so that all you need to do is enjoy the process of creating your seasonal wreath. 

3. Variety of Supplies

Each box contains a variety of supplies so that the project you create looks incredible.

Every. Time.

Some examples of the supplies that will be in your mystery box include:

  • Signs
  • Mesh
  • Florals
  • Bases
  • Sign picks
  • Ribbons (oooh, all that ribbon…trust me, we aren’t leaving that out!)

4. Automatic Payment

Life is too busy to be able to remember everything, right? There are just certain things that I want to be able to put on autopilot and not have to worry about – ever.

Our subscription boxes do that for you!  You get all the fun with zero hassle.

We automatically bill your card each month. If you find that at some point our monthly boxes don’t work for you anymore, you can cancel at any time.

5. Add a Little Mystery to Your Life

Life is just more fun and colorful with a little mystery, right? We won’t tell you ahead of time what project will be in the box for that month. Instead, you get to enjoy the anticipation of waiting for it to arrive (you can make friends with your postal carrier as you wait!) and the thrill of surprise once you open it.

6. Free Shipping

We provide free shipping on every subscription every month!

Your mystery boxes come right to your door, worry-free, with no additional fees or shipping costs.

7. Great Gift Idea

What do you give to the crafter in your life who has everything? Here’s your answer! DecoExchange Monthly Boxes are the perfect gift idea for the crafter (or anyone) in your life.

Craft subscription boxes are the perfect way to expand your creative abilities and try new things. Make your next favorite wreath with the craft subscription box from DecoExchange. Give them away (or keep them for yourself) and enjoy getting mail again.

Share your favorite wreath pricing tips with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group. We’d love to hear your ideas or feedback! If you need more help pricing your wreaths we have a full detailed lesson all about pricing in our Business Coaching Group.

If you are interested in more info on learning how to sell wreaths, how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

Creative Coaching - Free Tutorial

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