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Use this guide to learn how to decorate a Christmas tree step-by-step. If you do it in this order, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and have a stunning tree!

This season, go beyond just winging it with your holiday decorations, y’all. Discover the technique for decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon to make yours stand out from all the others.

After decorating your Christmas tree with this method, you’ll love coming home every day to the prettiest, most awe-inspiring tree.

‘Tis the season!

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Pro

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Like A Pro Step-By-Step

There are just 8 very simple steps you need to take to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro this year.

If you have ever found yourself wondering, “How do they make their Christmas tree look so amazing?” you’re about to find out.

This is how to decorate a Christmas tree so that you have a tree you love!

Step #1 Lights

Whether you are decorating a real or reusable tree, the very first step should be finding and putting up the lights.

There are different ways you can add lights, or you can even just enhance the texture of the tree itself.

Tip: When you pick out the type and amount of lights, pay attention to the textures of your tree. There are so many textures of trees! There are different pines, Christmas tree flocking, and pine cones on trees.

What is Flocking?

Flocking a Christmas tree is where you spray it with adhesive and cellulose fibers to make it look like there is snow on the tree while it’s inside. It’s a very magical-looking trick.

How Many Lights Should You Use on a Christmas Tree?

A really great rule of thumb to remember is to try to use at least 300 lights per foot of tree. Measure the height of the tree and use enough lights to brighten every bit of area around it.

What’s the Best Way to Add Twinkle Lights?

The most elegant way to add twinkles lights is by layering them among other sizes of lights too. When you use a mixture of constant and blinking lights, you add just the right amount of flair to your tree without overpowering it.

Step #2 Fluff Tree

After you add the lights, you need to fluff the tree. This will give you more decorating space. It will also make your tree appear fuller and show off your decorations better.

After sitting in storage for 11 months, the branches on your tree will become flat.

Here’s how to fluff your artificial tree:

  1. Start at the bottom and spread out every branch.
  2. Point the outer tips in different directions to give them more volume.
  3. Work your way from inside the tree to the outside.

Step #3 Decorate the Inner Part of the Tree

Next, begin to add decorations to the inner part of the tree closest to the tree trunk. Wrap foiled garland around the inner part of the tree from the bottom to the top.

Accentuate the inside of the tree with some icicle lights too for a cool effect!

Step by step instructions for how to decorate a christmas tree.

A fantastic way to add texture and dimension to your Christmas tree is by putting additional greenery in the spaces between the branches. This trick works on both real and artificial trees (but it looks much better on faux trees).

Step #4 How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

When you browse professionally decorated Christmas trees, you’ll probably see quite a few of them wrapped in luxurious and festive ribbons.

Want to know a secret? To decorate a Christmas tree with ribbons professionally, pick out a solid-colored ribbon. Pick either velvet or shiny ribbon that catches the light and adds dimension to your tree. Then, use green pipe cleaners to attach the ribbons to the tree.

That’s how most pros hang bows on Christmas trees without them falling down – with pipe cleaners! It’s a super easy hack, right?

Step #5 Add Large Ornaments

After you add the ribbons you can start adding the really large ornaments to your tree next. Always keep the larger ornaments closer to the bottom two-thirds of the tree to avoid changing the shape of the tree itself. 

Step #6 Add Florals

The next decorating step after ornaments is placing a few floral pieces throughout the branches.

First, fluff out the florals before you put them on the tree. Janky flowers will distract everyone from the beauty you’re trying to achieve.

Use the florals in the some of the remaining space in between the ribbons and the large ornaments.

Step #7 Filler Ornaments

Save the filler ornaments for last! These are the smaller ones that fit in the spaces between the lights, florals, bows, and large ornaments.

If possible, try to use filler ornaments that match your overall theme. These should accentuate the motif of your tree. The easiest way to do this is by following a color or pattern theme.

Step #8 Top with a Tree Topper Bow

Finally, after everything else is decorated, it’s time for the crowning moment. Top your tree with a beautiful handmade tree topper bow.

There’s lots of debate out there about what goes on top of the Christmas tree but you can’t deny how posh a tree looks with a big beautiful bow on top to tie it all together.

Step #9 Watch The Full Video and See How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Damon has decided to copy his tree decorating video that he normally sells and give it to you for free as a thank you for your continued support. Watch Damon show you how to decorate a Christmas tree like a pro.

More Christmas Tree Ideas

stunning Christmas tree decorating with ribbons and ornaments

These rules are really just guidelines that will give you a place to start and help you along. I love sharing hacks that pros themselves use! Have fun decorating your tree this year, because the Christmas season is all about joy and peace.

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Like A Pro FAQs

Here are some more Christmas tree ideas that will boost the quality of your tree decorating.

Should You Add Ribbon or Ornaments on the Tree First?

In our opinion, you should always add the ribbons to the tree first. They are the easiest to move around and it’s easy to hang ornaments around the ribbon.

Plus, most large ornaments are breakable. You don’t want to knock off a heavy glass ornament while you are placing the bows and ribbons. Whoops!

When Should We Decorate the Christmas Tree?

This is a very personal decision. Many people begin decorating the day after Thanksgiving and some people decorate later than that.

But, if you’re really excited about the Christmas season, it’s not out of the realm of normal to begin decorating on November 1st.

The day after Halloween is when all the Christmas decorations begin to appear in retail stores and Christmas music starts playing on the radio. You can begin decorating whenever it makes you happy.

How Do You Wrap a Tree With Lights?

Wrapping a tree with lights is pretty simple. Remember, you want to use at least 300 lights per foot of tree. Once you know you have enough lights, start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

Wrap the lights in towards the middle of the tree and back out towards the outer edge to keep the look as dimensional as possible.

It might help to add the lights with a partner if you have a larger tree. This way you don’t accidentally knock anything down.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Pro – Final Thoughts

When you are wondering how to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon like pros do, you have to plan ahead a little. Create a theme or motif and stick with it.

Don’t overdecorate it – just keep it simple. And above all, try to add a variety of textures and dimensions to the tree as well.

Decorating a Christmas tree should be fun! It should enhance the joy of the holiday season. If you find that it’s causing you stress, simplify your plan.

DIY Christmas Tree Decorating Like a Pro

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