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This DIY gingerbread girl wreath is a popular choice for holiday decorations, and for good reason. These charming wreaths capture the essence of the season with their whimsical design and warm colors.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to create your very own gingerbread girl mesh wreath. Whether you’re a beginner looking to try out a new craft or an experienced wreath-maker, this tutorial is for you. Let’s get started!

Christmas wreath with ribbon tails, mesh, gingerbread girl attachment.

DIY Gingerbread Wreath

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about festive decorations for your home. And what better way to add some holiday cheer than with a handmade gingerbread Wreath?

This wreath is not only full of holiday charm, but it is also perfect for beginners to tackle.

The great thing about wreaths is that they can be made for any occasion or season. So don’t limit yourself to just holiday wreaths – try making a spring-themed wreath, a summer-inspired wreath, or even a birthday-themed one! The possibilities are endless.

You could easily change out the entire theme of this design with different ribbon styles, attachment, and more!

Supplies needed

large decorative multi-layer bow with gingerbread design
Christmas wreath with ribbon tails, mesh, gingerbread girl attachment.
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Gingerbread Mesh Wreath

Festive and cute DIY gingerbread mesh wreath.



Prep your base.

  • Start with a 10” pancake frame.
  • Add 6 pipe cleaners to the outside of the frame.
  • Take a 10” mesh and cut 6 pieces.
  • Take the mesh and make ruffles by pinching the middle together.
  • Add the ruffle to the pancake frame using the pipe cleaners.

Make and add your ribbon tails.

  • Take 4” ribbon and cut 6 pieces
  • Dovetail the ends.
  • Take 2.5” ribbon and cut 6 pieces
  • Dovetail the ends.
  • Layer the 4” ribbon on top of the 2.5” ribbon.
  • Take the ribbon and add it to the ruffles using the pipe cleaners.
  • Fluff out the ribbon.

Make your bow.

  • Take 2 ribbons and make a bow with 2 loops each.
  • Take 1 ribbon and cut a piece for a ribbon tail.
  • Take 1 ribbon and make a bow with 5 loops.
  • Layer your tale and bows.
  • Secure your bows and tale with a pipe cleaner.
  • Dovetail the ends.
  • Fluff out your bow.

Add your sign.

  • Take your wooden sign and staple 2 pipe cleaners to the back of it.
  • Add your sign to the top center of the design using the pipe cleaners.

Add your bow.

  • Add your bow to the bottom center of the design using a pipe cleaner.


If you enjoyed making this wreath, we encourage you to explore more wreath-making projects and let your creative juices flow. There are endless possibilities when it comes to DIY holiday decorations.

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