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Y’all who’s ready for football season? Today I’m showing you how to make a gold fleur de lis grapevine wreath that supports our favorite Louisiana team.

Have y’all noticed how much people love their sports teams? Here in America we especially love our football teams! One of the things we get asked about the most is wreaths that support our customer’s teams. As wreath makers we have to be careful with this because of trademark laws. In the video below I show you how to make a gold fleur de lis grapevine wreath that makes both our customers and lawyers happy. And it’s cute y’all!

How to Make a Gold Fleur de Lis Grapevine Wreath

Make Your Own Gold Fleur de Lis Grapevine Wreath

Ok y’all, I’m about to be super real with you. You know that we want you to succeed in your business and we do everything we can to help make that happen. In today’s video we are talking about trademarks. It’s not necessarily an exciting topic but it’s very important. You want to be able to create what your customers want but in a way that won’t get you into trouble.

As makers we cannot produce anything that has trademarked or copywritten images on them. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the items that our customers are asking for the most. We just have to be smart and creative about it! The wreath I’m making today definitely supports our football team but in a totally legal way. You can do this for any team, just keep in mind the team colors and plan accordingly! If you want to know more about how to avoid trademark infringement as a maker we have a post for that too!

When you watch the video below you’ll see that we are also talking about batching. This is how I make multiples of my wreaths. If you have a design that you make a lot of, this is the best way to do it so that you save money, time, and supplies. Check out the video for all the batching tips. And, if you are looking for more information on making multiples of your wreath designs, we have you covered there too!

Gold Fleur de Lis Grapevine Wreath
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Fleur de Lis Bow

How to make multiple bows of the same design
Yield: 2 Bows


  • Start but cutting 36" strips of each of your ribbons. If you want to make two bows, cut 2 36" strips of each ribbon.
  • Take the bow maker and your first 2.5" ribbon. Measure a 12" tail and secure it in the bow maker. Now make two 7" tails and trim off the end of the ribbon after measuring an 8" tail.
  • Repeat this process once with each of your ribbon patterns. Make the loops on each consecutive ribbon a 1/2" shorter. Use the 1.5" ribbon last.
  • You will have leftover tails from trimming each length of ribbon. Add these to the bow maker as tails. Use the 1.5" ribbon last and make a single loop to be the center of your bow.
  • Take two pipe cleaners and twist the ends together to make one long pipe cleaner. Remove your bow from the bow maker and use the long pipe cleaner to secure the center of the bow twisting it off at the back. Dove tail the ends of your tails.
  • If you are making multiples of your wreath and want two bows, repeat all of these steps to make your second bow.
Gold Fleur de Lis Grapevine Wreath
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Gold Fleur de Lis Grapevine Wreath

How to make a gold fleur de lis grapevine wreath
Yield: 1 Wreath



  • Start by attaching the two spiked pipe cleaners to the back of the fleur de lis. Use your glue gun to add glue around the base of the pipe cleaner to secure it in place.
  • Once the glue is dry use the pipe cleaners to attach your fleur de lis to the grapevine base.
  • Next, attach your bow to the other side of the wreath and fluff it out. That's it y'all, you're all done!


Alright y’all, now you’re ready to make multiples of your wreaths and keep your customers happy while staying out of legal trouble. That’s a lot of info in one little video y’all. This super simple grapevine design hits all the marks. It’s quick, easy, and still looks amazing! Have fun crafting y’all!

DIY Gold Fleur de Lis Grapevine Wreath


If you need any help with centerpiece-making, bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How to Make Wreaths.

We would love to see your beautiful summer wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.

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