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Want to get creative this Spring? Coach Melissa from Sincerely Creative Mom drops by and shares this Hello Spring grapevine wreath.

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Spring Color Palette for This Design

This palette captures the essence of a dew-kissed morning in spring.

  • soft blush pink
  • mint green
  • buttery yellow
  • hazy lavender


For exact quantities check out the recipe guide below.

Grapevine wreath with greenery, flowers, and hello spring sign.

How to Make a Spring Grapevine Wreath with Sign

Grapevine wreath with greenery, flowers, and hello spring sign.
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Hello Spring Grapevine Wreath

Cute Spring grapevine wreath with large bow and "Hello Spring" sign.


Prep your base

  • Start with a 14” round grapevine wreath

Add in your sign

  • Take your sign and add pipe cleaners to the back of them using staples.
  • Add your sign to the bottom of the wreath using the pipe cleaners.

Make your bow

  • Take 2 ribbons and make a bow with 3 loops each.
  • Take 1 ribbon and make a bow with 4 loops each.
  • Layer your bows.
  • Secure your bows with a pipe cleaner.
  • Fluff out your bow.

Add in your greenery and floral

  • Take 3 different filler flower stems and join them together using a zip tie.
  • Repeat above one more time.
  • Join the 2 bundles together using zip ties, making a swag.
  • Add the swag to the top of the wreath using a pipe cleaner.

Add your bow

  • Take your bow and add it to the center of the swag using the pipe cleaner.
  • Dovetail the ends.

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