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Thin like flapjacks…that’s where the nickname for pancake wreaths came from and we know you’ll love this Fall pancake wreath from Melissa Morrow from Sincerely Creative Mom.

In this tutorial, she’ll be her patent pending pancake wreath frames. It makes it so much easier to create that ultra thin look without losing anything in the design itself.

If you’re a wreath supply box subscriber these supplies came in the June deluxe box.

A Touch of Blue for this Fall Pancake Wreath

We’re so used to the oranges and browns during the Fall season, but the touches of blue in this design really makes it pop.

You’ll see it throughout the sign and ribbon creating a very classic 80’s look. The gingham pattern gives it a country farm feel that really rounds off the design.

Supplies You’ll Need

How to Make a Fall Pancake Wreath

Pancake wreaths are great for all types of doors, especially when you have a storm door. They fit nicely, without getting smushed.

fall thin wreath on a front door
fall pancake wreath on a door
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Fall Pancake Wreath

Make your own Fall Pancake Wreath with this simple tutorial.




  • Using the new patent-pending pancake wreath frame, add the 12 pipe cleaners
  • Cut 12 pieces of 10” deco mesh at 20”
  • Make ruffles, scrunching right up the middle
  • On outer ring, place in pipe cleaner, twist twice lay flat and overlap edges
  • Using a 4” and 1-½” ribbon, cut 14 strips, dovetail ends
  • Take one 4” and one 1-½” ribbon tail and place in pipe cleaners, twist off, trim and tuck the pipe cleaners
  • Add the second layer of ruffles in the pipe cleaners on top of previous row
  • Add the ribbon tails into each ruffle and twist off pipe cleaner, trim and tuck the pipe cleaners
  • Make a bow
  • Make 8” Tails, two 6” loops on each side
  • Make 8” tails, one 6” loop on each side
  • Make 8” tails, and one single loop in the center
  • Tie off bow with a pipe cleaner
  • Add pipe cleaners to back of sign with staples and hot glue
  • Add sign to wreath base
  • Add bow to wreath base
  • Add a pipe cleaner to the top center of the wreath base to make a hanger


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