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The warehouse is quiet, the offices clear.

The chateau has gone dark, because Christmas is here!

Wreath forms and ribbons sit still for the day

as the DecoTeam fixes up Santa’s sleigh.

Damon and Parker are readying the reigns

adding finishing touches with candy canes.

Coach Mel and Coach Fancy are playing with ribbon

turning everything into holiday heaven.

Coach Jordan and Coach Tammy are present and ready to handle,

decorating all the beautiful mantles.

Kelea and Marissa are as busy as ever,

helping Santa prep by taking care of whatever.

Rhonda and Sandy are coordinating teams,

making everyone laugh with hilarious memes.

Katie is manning Santa’s social media pages

following up on all, who positively engages.

Allie and Chris are tangled up in bows

the least crafty two, everyone knows.

A Merry Christmas to all from the DecoExchange Team!

As we near 2022, make sure to share your big dream!

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