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Do you want to take that door swag up a notch? You’ve probably seen a ton of these pre-made swags at your local home decor or craft store.

Don’t be afraid to customize it! You can add a bow and extra greenery to convert it from a so-so floral design to a WOW design.

How to Prep a Pre-Made Door Swag for a Makeover

We really wanted to give the swag depth and texture so give the flowers and greenery a little fluff. Make everything perk up so it’s not so flat.

You’re making it appear more natural, because real flowers and greenery doesn’t lay flat in the wild. We want to give it life, making it appear like it’s growing.

soft and elegant door swag

What is a Shop Filler

One of the most important factors about making sales in your shops is actually having a variety of designs. A shop filler gives you the opportunity to make a quick and easy design to list in your Etsy or online store.

This design is perfect because you’re just adding on to an existing piece and not starting from scratch. So simple!

You’re not using a ton of supplies either. All you need is some 2.5″ wired ribbon and some filler greenery.

collage showing different angles of a door swag with magnolia flower and soft leaves
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Door Swag Makeover


  • glue gun
  • Zip ties or pipe cleaners
  • wire cutter or stem cutter


  • 1 Angel hair swag with magnolias You can use any pre-made swag
  • 1 2.5" wired ribbon
  • 1 Filler greenery Lamb's Ear and Ruscus



  • Perk up your swag base by fluffing out the flowers and greenery.


  • Create a 7' tail with the 2.5" wired ribbon. Twist and create approximately 7"-8" loops. (Adjust to your taste based on your specific swag.)
  • Next add 2 more loops about 1/2" shorter than the previous ones
  • The last loop will be a center loop. Make it about half the size of the previous loop.
  • Do not cut the final tail so you can create a cascading tail on the swag.
  • Secure ribbon together with a pipe cleaner. Twist it nice and tight.
  • Add the bow to the swag.
  • Fluff out your loops and ribbon tails
  • Dovetail ribbon tail.
  • Secure longer tail to the swag base using a pipe cleaner. Leave some extra slack so it flows in between tie downs.

Add Greenery

  • Trim your filler greenery stems and hot glue to into swag to fill in the empty spaces.


collage showing different angles of a door swag with magnolia flower and soft leaves

How to switch this swag makeover to a seasonal design?

Your ribbon and greenery choices will definitely help you create a final design that’s more relevant to any given holiday or season. But, you can also incorporate picks for more even more pizazz.

Keep in mind you don’t have to stick to just one ribbon either. You can definitely create a multi-ribbon bow to pair with a season or holiday.

This angel hair grapevine swag could definitely be customized in so many different ways. If you happen to spot them on sale anywhere grab a bunch and fill your shop!

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