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In the latest episode of The Makers Mean Business podcast, Parker took us on a bit of a detour. Instead of sticking to the planned topic of customer service, he decided to dive into customer feedback.

Episode five of their “A Maker’s Journey to Resilience” series sure brought some unexpected insights!

Leveraging Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be extremely helpful to pivot or improve existing processes, but…

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Is the customer always right?

Parker kicked things off by challenging the old saying that “the customer is always right.”

Yep, you heard that right.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the customer might not be spot-on. It’s a bold stance, but it sets the stage for a juicy discussion about setting boundaries and having clear policies in business.

Drawing from his own experiences running a business, Parker stressed the importance of finding your community — the customers who vibe with your brand and values. And you know what? It’s totally okay to let go of the ones who don’t fit the bill. It’s all about quality over quantity, folks!

Managing expectations and setting boundaries

One of the big hurdles he tackled was the struggle to meet customer expectations when it came to shipping times. With everyone wanting their orders yesterday, Parker kept it real about the logistical challenges they faced.

Spoiler alert: they’re not Amazon, and that’s okay! Being upfront about what they can and can’t deliver is key to managing those expectations.

But it’s not just about managing expectations—it’s also about having solid policies in place. Parker spilled the beans on how they’ve crafted their policies to strike a balance between what their customers want and what works for their business. It’s like finding the sweet spot between fairness and practicality.

Processing Customer Feedback

And let’s talk about feedback, y’all! Parker emphasized the importance of taking in all that feedback, even if it stings a little. Sure, not every piece of feedback will be a game-changer, but staying open-minded and willing to adapt is crucial for growth.

Wrapping things up, Parker left us with a reminder to stay open to feedback and keep striving for improvement. After all, it’s all about the journey, right?

So, grab your headphones and tune in to The Makers Mean Business podcast for more real talk about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button—you won’t want to miss a single episode!

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