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By now you know that we launched a podcast called Makers Mean Business and released our first 3 episodes on June 15th. Y’all, MMB Episode 1: 6 Tips to Battle Imposter Syndrome rolled out as our cornerstone episode because let’s face it dealing with imposter syndrome is a real thing.

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Makers Mean Business Podcast Ep 1: 6 Tricks to Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

We’re not going to spill the whole episode here, but let’s get a sneak peek!

Let’s take a moment here and actually battle imposter syndrome and not just acknowledge it exists. Lets talk about 6 techniques I’ve learned along the way of building our multi-seven figure business that I wish I had known when I first started. These 6 tricks that allow me to deal with imposter syndrome to this today.

1. Change Your Self-Perception

2. Own Your Achievements

3. Being Wrong Doesn’t Make You a Fraud or Fake

4. Know the Value Your Provide

5. Communicate with a Positive Influence in Your Life

6. Stop Comparing

Listen to the full episode below because you’ll want to hear all about the mentors and support I’ve had along the way.

Also, find out about what ANTs are and how you can squash them with these 6 tips.

Listen to the full episode below:

Y’all – That’s it for today! Make sure you subscribe to the podcast, catch up with us on Facebook or Instagram @decoexchange and join us next time to hear the biggest failure that I’ve experienced to date in our business, my best advice on how to get started, a myth that needs to be busted and to find out what being a Maker means to me!

Makers Mean Business Podcast

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