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The key to having a successful business is quality content creation. Learn how to create content that speaks directly to your perfect person in a way that solves their problems.

Hey, y’all! I’m talking to all entrepreneurs today. Why entrepreneurs and not craftpreneurs as usual? That’s because this information applies to all entrepreneurs no matter which niche you’re in.

Content creation is the topic of the day because running a successful business starts with – and runs on – producing quality content. 

Note: If you want to dive a little deeper into this topic and participate in a challenge that Parker created around how to produce quality content that you can use in many different ways, go to Create Quality Content and join!

How to Create Quality Content for Your Business

Using Content Creation As The Core Of Your Business

Almost every entrepreneur knows they need content that covers their topic. But, more entrepreneurs than you may realize approach their content with completely the wrong focus. 

So many entrepreneurs create content, and maybe lots of it, that either covers what they want to talk about or just doesn’t cover what their ideal customer needs.

It may be lots of content but it’s the right kind of content. 

That’s an important distinction because taking the wrong approach will prevent you from having a successful business and risk causing major burnout for you. You’ll get burned out from putting out content piece after piece that doesn’t help grow your business.

It’s all work and no play, so to speak.

Putting out content like that doesn’t work because it doesn’t speak to your perfect person in a way that addresses their pain points and makes them ready to do whatever action it is that you want them to take (ex: buy your products).

Why It’s Important To Share The RIGHT Kind Of Content Creation

If you don’t address content creation with a plan that addresses your perfect person’s pain points, you’ll find yourself in a constant mode of creating content that does nothing to help your business.

How To Create Content That Attracts Your Ideal Customer

So in order to grow your business in a way that attracts customers and loyal followers – and allows you the freedom to enjoy your life or take a vacation, you have to answer or solve the things that stress them out and keep them up at night.

How do you do that? Let’s dive into it.

Create Three Pillars of Content

I teach my students about creating 3 pillars of content. All that means is that you pick 3 topics you want to talk about. For me it was Home Decor, Fast Tips for busy moms and entrepreneurs, and Dogs.

I love those three topics, and wanted to cover them, which at first glance, may seem random, but hang with me. This approach can work with nearly any 3 topics you pick.

Now, in order to find ideal customers, you need to do some content mapping with your three topics.

How to Do Content Mapping For Your 3 Pillars

  • Create a Venn Diagram (you know, that diagram with the 3 overlapping circles).
  • Each large circle will be one topic you want to talk about.
  • The middle, overlapping circle will be people who like all three topics – that those people are your ideal customers.

Take a step back from your Venn Diagram and think about content for your page or business. 

  • What questions do the people who love all three things have?
  • How can you solve their problems and address their needs?

But, here’s the thing: the content can’t just be content. It has to be high-quality content that solves their problem or reduces their fear around your 3 pillars.

So if you can figure out all of your customers’ fears, concerns, and pain points, and you can create content that solves them, your customers will be less afraid to purchase whenever you sell to them.

For example, when we would go to craft shows, we got questions all the time about how to store wreaths. We took that question and came up with lots of different pieces of content that we could create to help those customers solve their problem.

In this example, just a few of the ideas we came up with included:

  • How to store
  • How to hang
  • Making mantel pieces (repeat this for every holiday)
  • Front door ideas/tips (repeat this for every holiday)
  • Justify the price of your wreath, ribbon, etc by talking about the quality

But, just coming up with this list isn’t enough. You need to figure out a way to make lots of quality content quickly and easily with each of these topics.

Repurpose Your Content Creation for Maximum Exposure and Benefit

If you only write blog posts or do Facebook lives, you are seriously missing out on your maximum exposure (and income) potential!

Once you come up with those topics that you want to cover to help your ideal customer, then it becomes a matter of turning that 1 piece of content into many different types of content.

Here are some examples of content types you can create to reach and help your perfect person:

  • Facebook live/post
  • Blog post (Pinterest, Facebook Post, IGTV)
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • Time Lapse video
  • YouTube

You’ll notice that most of these are videos. Videos are hot, y’all and have been instrumental in growing our own business!

Repurposing Using Videos

Let me tell you from personal experience- videos are so much easier to make than many people believe. Plus, once you make one video (ex: Facebook live), then you can repurpose that same video on other platforms – and use them again year after year.

So you may have the same video on how to store wreaths, but you may have it titled 10 different ways: 

  • How to Store Your Christmas Wreaths
  • Store Your Fall Wreaths
  • How to Store Your Halloween Wreaths
  • How to Store Multiple Wreaths When You Aren’t Using Them

If you have one perfect video for all of these topics, you can use it over and over again to create engagement, which gives you more customers.

Maximum exposure and help for your ideal customer with minimal time commitment!

That’s how successful entrepreneurs make it happen.

Content Creation: Final Thoughts

Just remember: the key is that the content and videos aren’t about selling a wreath (or whatever you sell) – they’re about solving their pain point so that your perfect people get over their fears and buy your product.

What do you need in order to grow your business and create loyal customers? Quality content creation!

For the sake of space, we could only cover this topic so much. If you want to go even deeper and learn even more about why to quality content creation and how to make it, go to Create Quality Content and take this challenge that Parker created. 

It really walks you through how to create content with videos that you can repurpose and use again and again to save you time and reach your perfect people.

Learn to Use Content Creation To Attract Your Ideal Customer

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