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Y’all we’ve got piles and piles of ideas that we’ve brainstormed over the years. Every now and then we pull one out and run with it. The business podcast for craftpreneurs sat as an idea for a while. We knew it was always a potential, but honestly I’ve never been a big podcast listener. Parker does have a few he enjoys. Makers Mean Business was a name we held onto because we knew at some point it would go into rotation one way or another. On June 15th, we’re releasing our first 3 episodes of The Makers Mean Business podcast.

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Why Start a Business Podcast Now?

Around early-March, we started getting a huge uptick interview requests for podcasts and Facebook Lives. Our business was growing during a very difficult time, many of the businesses in our coaching groups were experiencing the same thing. This made me realize it was time for us to launch the podcast. How many small businesses, how many families could we help if we just stepped out?

Just like Facebook lives, you just need get it done. Over the years we’ve connected with so many talented entrepreneurs who truly know their $%)*, I mean stuff, they know they’re stuff. From craft show consultants, community development strategists, to brand ambassador coaches, we knew we could bring them in to help the craftpreneur community thrive.

Look, friends, when you’re excited about something, why not?

The truth is as a business owner once you make a decision to turn an idea into reality, you have to take action. Within 24 hours of deciding to produce a podcast, we bought the equipment and wrote down 21 interview ideas that we knew would help the craftpreneur community.

Makers Mean Business Podcast

What will the Makers Mean Business Podcast focus on?

Finally a business podcast focused on the crafty business owner! 

Y’all there are a ton of podcasters that talk shop, but we noticed there were very few focusing on those who create handmade products and offer craft-based services. That gap meant there are possibly hundreds of thousands of small business owners who need more valuable content that relates to them.

Take a listen for yourself to find out more.


Where can you subscribe to the Makers Mean Business podcast?

Makers Mean Business podcast will be available starting 06/15/2020 on these platforms:

Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform. We’ll be releasing a new episode every Monday starting on June 15th!


What other craftpreneur business resources are available?

If you’re hungry for more resources, we’ve got a whole business tip section on the blog. Here are some of the top 5 posts:

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