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If you only listen to me about one thing (okay two – this and pricing your item correctly) make sure you promote your Etsy shop outside of the site itself! If you aren’t on Etsy you should be and here is why:

As of 2018, more than 2.1 million sellers have sold goods through the Etsy platform (don’t worry y’all there’s still 39.4 million active Etsy buyers worldwide)! However, with that many sellers it does make your chances of being found through the Etsy search quite low. Only about 33% of our organic traffic on Etsy actually comes from Etsy. When you have a business on Etsy, it’s extremely important that you have traffic coming in to your shop from multiple resources. Remember, although Etsy has a platform with people ready to buy your product – it doesn’t mean those people will organically find it. Did I convince you yet? You can open your own shop here and get 40 listings for free:

4 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop

4 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop

Create A Blog 

One of the best ways to promote your products or services is through your own blog. If you’re selling online it’s super important that you have a blog to promote your business. Blogs are an easy way to connect with your customers, build your email list, and a blog allows your to promote your products or services. If you want to learn how to start your own blog check out this course: Blogging For Business one of our long time friends has put together this course and its AMAZING!

Network With Influencers for Guest Posts and Interviews

Find others that share your same target audience and offer to write guest blogs or do interviews for them. This allows you to be introduced into their audience and they’ll be introduced to yours. If you are a wreath maker you can network with companies that sell supplies, a business that makes attachments, or even another wreath maker! When doing guest posts, blogs or networking just validate that the owner has an active audience and that they’ll link back to your shop in posts.

How to Drive Traffic to My Etsy Store

Use Facebook Groups 

Facebook groups allow you to network with others in your industry or similar industries. Because of Facebook groups I have been able to network and connect with other like-minded and motivated business owners from all around the world. The Facebook groups are communities and if you act like a community member you’ll find yourself fitting in rather quickly. These communities allow you to ask questions, get answers, and even work together. While you’re on the Facebook Groups train, you should create a VIP Customer Appreciation Facebook group that you invite all of your own customers to join. This allows you to get to know your customers, network, and grow the “know, like and trust” factor. Learn more about growing your audience and community in Business Coaching Group – Damon’s Inner Circle where we coach over a thousand creatives on how to sell more online.

Join our Free Facebook Community – How To Make Wreaths for tips and tricks on wreath making!

Use Pinterest 

Here’s a little tip…use Tailwind to help you schedule out your pins. Promoting your Etsy shop on Pinterest may be the easiest way for you to promote your unique items. Think about Pinterest as a saving, dreaming, and shopping site where women (and men) save things to make and buy later.

As a social media platform it is the oddball out! Unlike Facebook and Instagram – Pinterest is the mellow sidekick that doesn’t need constant attention. Once you pin an item onto Pinterest it can be shared, seen, and saved for years!

Unlike other social platforms your Pinterest pins don’t expire and disappear, they just hang out there waiting for their perfect Pinner to find them. This makes Pinterest a superstar sales machine for your Etsy shop! If you need step by step guidance on creating, running and maximizing your Pinterest for sales we cover it in our Business Coaching Group – Damon’s Inner Circle.


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