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Y’all, truth moment. As Craftpreneuers the tech side of our business isn’t always what we’re best at. Most of us don’t operate from that side of our brain! We all have a lot on our plates to get our businesses going and in an effort to keep our over head costs down we tend to do all the things ourselves. But, you need to know that sometimes outsourcing some of this work to someone else is actually what your business needs. Time is money and sometimes the small investment that it takes in hiring a virtual assistant pays for it self 10x by allowing you to increase the productivity in your business.

I know you’ve heard me say it over and over again… TIME IS MONEY! Hiring help can actually help you increase the bottom line revenue in your business and allow you to spend the time doing the things you love. Hiring a virtual assistant can give you the freedom to enjoy your business again and allow you to work less on daily activities so that you can spend time doing what you love with those that you love. (How many of you have heard the old complaint that you never leave your craft room?)

 Lets discuss the 5 of the reasons you need a virtual assistant!


How many times have we ran out of hours in the day? It’s like we’ve worked hard all day only to realize that we have not accomplished anything on our to do list (or very little)! Hiring a virtual assistant can help increase your productivity by handling some of those day to day “time sucker” tasks. With the tedious day to day tasks of our hands it’ll allow us to focus on the big tasks that need to be completed so that our business can grow to the next level.


Most people think that we’re out here being crafty folks having all the fun… and they don’t realize that we’re putting in the work and hours to run our little “hobby” like a full blown fortune 500 company! If they aren’t thinking we’re a hobby they think we have some glamorous life and just get to hang out and play with glitter all day. And the truth… nothing about self employment is glamorous! We can’t sit down at the computer and just start an online business on autopilot! There are tasks that all of us try to complete every day just to keep the business afloat, on top of the actual work that we have to do to produce and sell online! Those tasks are tedious and keep us from focusing on the areas of our business that we love. Hiring a virtual assistant allows us to hand off some of those mundane tasks, and gets the burden off of our shoulders. With that being the virtual assistants specialty and focus they can usually get those mundane tasks done in a fraction of the time that we waste trying to get them done.


How many times have you set down to make a plan for the day or week and just got overwhelmed by all of the tasks and just shut down? Hiring someone else to do some of those tasks allows you to reduce that stress in your business significantly and gives you the freedom to do more of what you want to do in your business.


Y’all just marketing can be a full time job! Coming up with and executing your marketing plan can have us wasting countless hours per day. We’re either really good at marketing, and then end up with no product to market because we didn’t have time to make it… or we completely neglect our marketing and end up with a ton of product that we failed to get in front of our ideal customer. A virtual assistant can not only help us drive traffic to our site, but they can also help us review all of the analytics to help us understand what is working in our marketing plan and what is failing. This way we know what to do more of, and what to stop wasting our time with!


Chances are all of us are missing some part of the puzzle in our business and we haven’t mastered every single detail needed to run it smoothly. Hiring a virtual assistant allows us to expand our businesses expertise as a whole by letting other people in that compliment our weaknesses. You can hire virtual assistants that specialize in your weakness or you can hire a general virtual assistant that is really a jack of all trades and can help you with all of the tasks.

Now that you KNOW that you need a virtual assistant… What can you do about it?

Typically these services can be expensive and if you’re just starting out or already struggling you may think it’s not even a possibility. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find someone just to work part time in your business?

Am I the only person that would rejoice over an extra 40 hours of help in my business every month? 10 hours of extra help per week? With the 4th quarter knocking on the door, many of us have business goals we have to achieve and a little help putting it all in place would be beyond amazing!

Oh and.. What if it was affordable?

I have an answer for you!

I found a company where you can pay as little as $49 per month for 40 hours of help using an INTERN. Yes, it’s legal y’all. I have friends that have been using these services all year and they’re celebrating the wins all over the map! They’ve used the interns to help with areas of their businesses like:

  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Templates & Marketing
  • Brand Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Automation
  • Blogging
  • Copy Writing
  • SEO Analysis
  • Marketing Research

The company does require you to make a 3 month commitment because their intern / apprenticeship have a timeline to work and dedicate to your business!  What’s that timeline look like?

Month 1

The first month with the company is an on boarding phase and during this phase they’ll focus on bringing the intern into your business to help manage low function tasks such as social media management and blog writing. This allows the intern to learn more about you and what you sell and who your target customer is. Potential tasks include: social media content planning, live chat website support, guest post outreach, and blog writing.

Month 2

The second month with the company is all about execution! Your intern will be taking on more advanced tasks and execution. By this time your intern should be fully on board and have a great understanding of your business model and target customer. Get them to think about the behavior of your customers, conversion rate optimization, copy writing, and landing page optimization. Potential 2nd month tasks include: Community Management, Landing Page Optimization, Copy writing, Media Buying

Month 3

The third month with the company is about growth. The company has specialized growth hacking strategies that your intern will begin to help you implement in your business. Potential 3rd month tasks include: customer segmentation, running ads, influencer marketing, and getting to know your analytics.

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one y’all. You hire a GenM digital marketing intern to work with you for up to 40 hours a month and the membership fee is only $49 per month. There are 0 hidden costs. You gain 40 hours of freedom in your business and the intern gains the real life experience that they need to land the jobs of their dreams. All of the interns are part of an intensive digital marketing curriculum taught by industry experts. The best part, after the 3 months you have the ability to hire your intern onto your team or you can simply just request another intern for another 3 month term. There are no limits and you can easily scale your business with multiple placements!

Now go get more done! As a business owner we wear to many hats and we need to stop getting bogged down with tasks a student marketer can and WANTS to do! Sign up for your own intern here.


In exchange for interns getting hands-on experience, you are getting some much needed help in your business for as little as $49 per month. These interns can do the following and more:

  • Set up email marketing campaigns
  • Create promo graphics
  • Schedule blogs
  • Market Research and SEO analysis
  • SAVE YOUR LIFE (okay I threw that one in there to be dramatic)

Click the link here and GO GET YOUR INTERN!

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