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No man is an island. That’s true in life as well as in business. Online business coaching gives you the support you need to take the necessary steps and risks to help your business grow and succeed. Find out more about our business coaching program and why we do it!

In a multi-faceted business like ours, every single cog in the wheel has a purpose. The same can be said for our online business coaching service.

We started our online business coaching group with the hope of helping others take their hobbies and turning them into passionate online businesses. We wanted to be able to help others learn in an easier way the painful and challenging lessons that we had to learn through trial and error.

As a fellow creative and six-figure Etsy shop owner, I know firsthand the struggles that we all have to face with trying to get our products seen online. And, it’s my goal to help other Craftpreneurs to find success and live their dream life.

As we prepare for the next few months and our “busy season”, we want to make sure that we’re all investing our time and energy into our community and business so that we’re prepared to not only survive but thrive through the next season.

The Why Behind Our Online Business Coaching

The “Why” Behind Our Online Business Coaching

Y’all, having a creative business can give you freedom in your job, life, and mind, but have no doubt that you’re going to have to put in the work. We started our online business coaching program several years ago. And now that we’ve seen our students succeed, we thought we should share the “why” behind the program in case you’re on the fence about joining.

As we sat down and thought about the best way to do this, we thought we would highlight the story of one of our first online business coaching students: Mellie Mel. Mellie’s story is the perfect example of how she implemented the resources that we offer and was able to have the freedom to live the life of her dreams: to become a mother.

An Online Business Coaching Student’s Success Story

Here is Mellie’s story in her own words.

“Y’all… in a roundabout way the universe somehow made the decision for me to NOT go back to work, handed me Damon Oates and his Business coaching group on a golden sparkling platter with BIG flashing lights so that I wouldn’t miss it AND that allowed me to stay home and be a mom.”

one of our coaches holding her son

She has been a part of our business coaching group, Damon’s Inner Circle, for 3 years now, and her life has been significantly positively impacted by turning her hobby into an online business!

Our biggest blessing is helping others achieve their dreams.

“My two forever dreams: 1. being a MOM 2. owning a creative business, are running parallel… it’s the craziest, hardest, most rewarding and challenging roller-coaster I’ve ever been on in my life and I LOVE IT!!! Being a mom and owning my own business…It’s not easy but I’m not giving up!””

shadows of a mom and 2 kids

Mellie Mel actually told her story to a live audience a while back about the impact Damon’s Business Coaching has had on her life and y’all… there wasn’t a dry eye on the other side of the screen. Check out that live right here!

UPDATE – Since this story was posted in August of 2019, Mel was able to officially adopt one of the two littles and they’re in the process of finishing up the next adoption. How’s that for reaching your goals and living the life of your dreams? 

Our Online Business Coaching Goals

When we started our coaching program, we had 3 goals for it:

  • To be available to support our students
  • Candidly share our own failures, lessons learned, and successes
  • Provide actionable steps to help our students move forward

Student Support

One of our goals is to be available to our students. We’ve been a part of programs that were a one-size-fits-all approach that offered zero support from the coaches. They were nearly useless for us.

What’s the point in offering a coaching program if there’s no coaching when it’s needed?

So, we wanted to provide that missing link and be available to give you the support you need and answer any questions you have.

“I do have to tell you, whatever your question is he can give you an immediate answer and usually reference back to where you can also find the answer within the courses. I’m telling you… he has it covered. ALL. YOU NEED to start AND GROW your business.”

Lessons Learned

Another goal of ours is to share both struggles and successes. People learn in different ways – some learn through success stories while others learn better through trials. We share both our failures and what we learned from them as well as what has worked for us so our students have the knowledge they need to run their businesses.

“The dynamic between Damon and Parker is absolutely second to none! These two human beings have quite literally changed the lives of so many. Their dedication to their business is unreal. Their support for each other brings tears to my eyes and overwhelms my heart to the max. So many times, I see Damon and hear Parker in the background… cracking his one liners and making the crowd crack up… they are in it together and they are BOTH (listen clearly)… BOTH dedicated to helping us succeed. They both have their hearts invested in the success of others, they both put in countless hours, they BOTH help to grow their phenomenon. Let both of them help you the way they helped me… and so many others!”

Provide Clear Action Steps

As a new or struggling online business owner, the reason for your lack of success may not be a lack of passion or willingness to work. Often, it’s a lack of clear direction or knowledge of what you need to do next to propel your business forward.

Our third goal is to provide clear action steps to help take you step-by-step from struggling dreamer to successful Craftpreneur.

“JOIN Damon’s coaching group!!!!!! Make it as EASY on yourself as possible!!! Give yourself the immediate gift of TIME… saving time that is…. Save time by letting Damon’s coaching group guide you along the way.”

Purpose of Our Online Business Coaching

Final Thoughts About Our Online Business Coaching Program

Listen y’all, let’s be real. We all work with a limited amount of hours each day. Our time is precious. Let’s make it count!

It comes down to time and money, yet we know money doesn’t buy happiness. It gets us options!

We are passionate about helping your business grow and the positive effects it’ll have on your life. Whether it’s being able to work from home, start a family, or spend quality time with your kids or grandkids – it’s all worth it. The impact of a thriving business: the emotional, physical, and spiritual wins…that’s why we do what we do!

So, no matter where you are with your business we want to help you win and we WANT to celebrate those wins with YOU!

If you need help with your online business join us in our business coaching group by clicking here.

We truly appreciate you joining our creative online family! We hope we can keep you company, help teach you new things and get to know y’all better! Thank you for supporting us and most of all… thank you for always being kind and enthusiastic!

Join the community and start making your impact. Get more information here.

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