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Hey y’all, we’re doing our summary of the Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 2, where we focused on getting started in your online business and the biggest failures and myths that need to be busted. On the previous episode of the MMB podcast, I shared information on who has helped us get our business where it is today, and six tips on beating imposter syndrome.

Makers Mean Business Podcast Ep 2


Makers Mean Business Podcast Ep 2: Getting Your Online Business Started

My best advice to get started with your business today is to STOP OVERTHINKING IT! There are 4 things you need to quickly get your business off the ground. Make sure to listen to the podcast to learn more about these steps.

1. Way to Process Payments

2. Find New Customers

3. Repeat Sales

4. Upsell

The sooner that you accept that your business will never be perfect; the sooner you can get started. Y’all self doubt is the largest sabotage system of small businesses, we talked about it in episode 1. So don’t get hung up on it. As you continue to grow, the needs of your business will grow and constantly evolve.

My Biggest Business Failure

Let me talk to you about one of the biggest failures in our business and give you some tips on how you can keep yourself from making the same mistakes. When I think about the biggest hurdle in our business, I keep coming back to hiring a mentor that didn’t align with my core values. You’ll hear more about that in the actual podcast, but that’s the truth. When you’re not aligned with your mentors, you’ll get distracted.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t learn and grow from that experience. Plus, I met some really amazing business owners in the process.

5 Tips to Find a Mentor Online

If I had to summarize it these would be my biggest suggestions when looking for a mentor.

  1. Have a common purpose
  2. Core Values
  3. Transparency
  4. Positive attitude
  5. Street Cred

Now let’s debunk a myth. One of the most common statements I see online is that Etsy is oversaturated. I won’t lie. It’s true. They have a ton of sellers on Etsy. But did you know that a majority of those sellers have no clue how to get a sell or even seen? The trick to selling on Etsy is understanding how customers use the platform. Now, get your earphones in and enjoy the podcast.

Listen to the full episode below:

Being a maker allows me to follow my passion and gives me the freedom to help other makers grow their business. And we’ll be sharing those maker stories in upcoming episodes, so make sure you’re subscribed and check back often for more details.

Makers Mean Business Podcast

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