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Y’all, farmhouse decor is all the rage. It’s popularity is growing all the time. Today I’m showing you how to make a Bless this Mess farmhouse wreath that is fabulous and fun!

There are different ways that you can go with farmhouse decor. Some is more rustic, others more vintage, still others have a very minimalist feel. the common thread with all of them, however, is neutral colors. This Bless this Mess farmhouse wreath works uses neutral burlaps and fits all of these variations. Plus the sign is super cute, y’all! In the video below I show you how to assemble this beautiful wreath that is the perfect fit for farmhouse lovers!

How to Make a Bless this Mess Farmhouse Wreath

DIY Bless this Mess Farmhouse Wreath

“Bless this Mess” is a classic phrase, especially here in the south. Y’all, there is no shame in a cluttered house. That just means it’s a happy lived in home! The struggle is real for us crafters. On top of the normal clutter we also have piles of ribbon, greenery, and other crafting goodies messing up the place.

I don’t know about y’all but I’m not always great at keeping my supplies organized. If you’re in the same boat we have a great post on craft room organizational tips. You’ll find lots of great tips and inspiration to get started on reducing the amount of mess you have to bless!

The design that I use for this wreath looks amazing but also has a bonus feature. It only uses one roll of 10″ mesh instead of two! Y’all may have noticed that there are tons more options in mesh these days. They are increasingly beautiful and unique.

That is awesome, but it also means that the prices have increased. We always try to show y’all how to keep up with crafting trends while still keeping your costs down. This design is perfect for that! If you need help in the pricing department we have a post that explains all about how to price your handmade items and still make money!

Design Variations

Y’all I love the way this wreath turned out. This is the first time that I’ve used all browns to make a wreath. The neutral colors of the sign, ribbon, and mesh all work so well together. If you wanted to though, you could always add a pop of color. Sage greens and pale blues are pretty popular in farmhouse decor too. You could always offer two versions in your shop: one with color and one without. That way you could appeal to two groups of farmhouse decor lovers!

Bless this Mess Farmhouse Wreath
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Farmhouse Bow

Making a fabulous farmhouse bow with three neutral colored ribbons.
Yield: 1 Bow


  • Start with the 2.5" ribbon and measure a 12" tail, set the tail to thee bottom. Twist the ribbon at the 12" mark and add the twist to the bow maker. Make a 7" loop on one side, twist the ribbon, then add it to the bow maker. Repeat on the other side then trim a short tail, about 4-5", set this tail to the top.
  • Next, repeat the same process with the first 1.5" ribbon making your loops slightly smaller this time.
  • Repeat the same process with the other 1.5" ribbon. Then repeat each layer in the same order. Then make one little loop with two tails using a 1.5" ribbon, this will be the center of the bow.
  • Take two pipe cleaners and twist the ends together to make one long pipe cleaner. Remove your bow from the bow maker and use the long pipe cleaner to secure the center of the bow twisting it off at the back.
Bless this Mess Farmhouse Wreath
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Bless this Mess Farmhouse Wreath

How to make a beautiful deco mesh wreath with a farmhouse feel
Yield: 1 Wreath


  • Start by cutting 8 20" strips and 16 10" strips of the mesh. Then take two 10" strips, curl them loosely and criss cross them into an X. Add the center of the X to one of the ties on the bottom rung of the wreath. Repeat until all the ties on the bottom rung of the frame are full.
  • Now take your 20" strips and, one at a time, curl the ends in and then scrunch up the center to make a ruffle. Add one ruffle to each tie on the top rung of the frame.
  • Next use the staple gun to attach one pipe cleaner to each corner of your sign. Then add a dab of hot glue to secure the staples in place.
  • Now use the pipe cleaners on your sign to poke through the mesh and attach it to the center of the wreath frame.
  • Then add your bow to the bottom right hand corner of your sign. Fluff your loops and dovetail the ends.
  • Now use the ribbon tail board to cut 17 14" ribbon tails of the 2.5" and a 1.5" ribbon. Then dovetail the ends.
  • Next, take one of each type of ribbon tail and place one on top of the other. Fold the tails in half and pinch the center together. Attach the center pinch to a twist tie on the wreath frame. Repeat with the remaining ribbon tails and twist ties.


And that’s how a Bless this Mess farmhouse wreath is done y’all! I love that this wreath looks fabulous and full but uses half the mesh of a normal deco mesh creation. Nothing like saving $10-$15 in supply costs am I right? With a little ingenuity, there’s no reason that we can’t have fun with all the new and amazing mesh options without breaking the bank!

Just pin this Bless This Mess Farmhouse wreath tutorial below to find the instructions later!

DIY Bless this Mess Farmhouse Wreath


If you need any help with centerpiece-making, bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How to Make Wreaths.

We would love to see your beautiful summer wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.

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