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Y’all I have the cutest, simplest project for you today. I’m showing you how to make a funny candy corn door hanger that you can knock out in about ten minutes. No joke!

You know that I love to help you make the most of each holiday season. We spend a lot of time making those big and fabulous creations to sell, but there is no reason to forget about the cute and simple ones. In the video, below I show you how to take a big ole wooden candy corn and dress it up a bit. The result is something you will be proud to display or sell in your shop!

purple, green, and orange bow on a candy corn sign

How to Make a Candy Corn Door Hanger

Many of you know that I hate wasting craft materials! Today is all about how to take those left overs and use them to make something fabulous. I’m guessing y’all are like me: you have piles of ribbon spools with too much left on them to toss them out but not enough to make a whole wreath. If you can find something cute like this giant candy corn, you can use those leftover ribbons. All you have to do is make a nice big bow, then attach it to your item, and you have a beautiful project that you can add to your line up.

I LOVE Halloween so I make a large variety of Halloween projects. That leaves me with a large pile of ribbon scraps to use up. i’ll show you how to beautify some candy corn and pumpkin door hangers. Don’t let this limit you though! Keep an eye out for any large item that you can slap a bow and some stems on. Halloween comes in so many colors and patterns and I’d be surprised if you don’t find ribbon in your stash that will coordinate with your base item. If you want to learn more about decreasing your leftover stash, check out our post on how to use all your extra wreath making supplies.

One of the things that came up during this video was how to price an item like this. We are used to pricing wreaths: materials x your mark-up. The thing is y’all, this project is no different. Just because you start with a different type of base doesn’t mean you calculate the price differently. We have a post that will help you figure out how to price your handmade items for profit. If you want to learn even more and have a one on one coaching experience, we go into even more depth and detail in our business coaching group. You can get into all that later though. For now, watch how I make these quick and easy Halloween projects!

big halloween bow on a wooden candy corn wign
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Big Bow using the EZ Bow Maker

Big Bow using the EZ Bow Maker
Yield: 1 bow


  • Get your EZ Bow Maker and ribbons.
  • Take your 4" ribbon, measure an 8" tail and make a 5 1/2" loop on each side. Trim your ribbon from the spool.
  • Take your 2.5" ribbon, measure an 8" tail and make a 5 1/2" loop on each side. Trim your ribbon from the spool.
  • Repeat this method with your other two 2 1/2" ribbons then the 1 1/2" ribbon. Make smaller loops with each successive ribbon.
  • Then get your pipe cleaner and wrap around the center of your bow. Twist nice and tight.
  • Trim your ribbon tails.


big halloween bow on a wooden candy corn wign
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Candy Corn Door Hanger

Learn how to make a quick and fun candy corn door hanger!
Yield: 1 door hanger



  • Cut a piece of mesh about 20" long. Curl up the ends a little then scrunch up the center to make a ruffle.
  • Put your bow on top of the mesh ruffle and use the pipe cleaner to secure the two together.
  • Attach the bow to the whole in the top of the sign using the pipe cleaners.
  • Flip your sign over and trim the pipe cleaner ends. Use a staple gun to staple the pipe cleaners in place.
  • Trim your bow ends and fluff.

That’s it y’all! Super quick, super simple, super fun. I hope this project gives you some inspiration for creations of your own. And, remember to keep an eye out for discounted base items after Halloween is over. That makes this project even cheaper to create! I know the idea of this post was to help  you decrease your stash and not add to it but, I promise, if you buy items cheap after season – you’ll thank me for it next year.

funny wooden candy corn sign "witch better have my candy"

If you need any help with centerpiece-making, bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How to Make Wreaths.

We would love to see your beautiful summer wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.

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