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This episode of Makers Mean Business Podcast is full of amazing nuggets about growing businesses by creating with your customers. Essentially, building a company with it’s target audience in mind.

Jillian Leslie built a number of businesses. In 2009, Jillian and her husband, David, launched their site Catch My Party. Since then, they have grown it into the largest party ideas site on the web with user generated content.

In fact, if you’ve searched through Pinterest for party ideas, you’ve probably clicked over to their website at some point.

Makers Mean Business Podcast - Title Creating With Your Customers

Creating with Your Customers in Mind

Jillian and her husband quickly realized the value of Pinterest, which led them to create a pop-up program that would become MiloTree. They made it easier for their readers to start following them on Pinterest!

Knowing that Pinterest was and still is an integral part of growing a website, they open the doors to other website owners who were looking to grow their social media presence.

And really this is just come from listening to our customers and our users who were requesting different things.

Jillian Leslie

When You Think You Have the Wrong Audience

You’ll hear for yourself in Episode 25, how Jillian thought she attracted the wrong audience when she started podcasting. The reality was it opened the door to new product ideas.

And then I discovered that people who are listening to the podcast, had not started blogs yet. And I had this crisis this moment where I thought oh, I’m attracting the wrong audience.

Jillian Leslie


Ultimately the lesson is what does our audience want. How can you keep creating with your customers.

If you take a moment and step back in your business, you will likely see more opportunity. You need to shift!

Keep in mind that every challenge your audience runs into on their way to the goal is a moment for you to serve them. Look for those challenges and turn them into opportunities where your customers can grow with you.

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