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Finding your target audience is a necessity for any business to be successful. Keep reading to learn how to use social media to find and engage your target customer.

Hey, Y’all! If you have been hanging around here for pretty much any length of time, you know how much I love doing Facebook Lives. I tend to do at least a couple a week – sometimes many more than that!

There’s a pretty big reason why – they allow me to connect with and engage my target audience. No matter what business you are in, you have to find your perfect people or your business will NOT be successful.

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Finding Your Target Audience: Using Social Media to Find Your Target Customer

Using social media can be very useful to the success of your business when it’s used correctly. It can be your secret weapon for expanding your exposure and finding new target customers.

Unfortunately, the downside to social media is that there are LOTS of people who are just hanging out and looking around. You’ll find plenty of them, too – in fact, you’ll find WAY more lookers than members of your target audience.

Before we get any further, it’s important to establish what is your target audience. Your target audience is your ideal group of customers. They are those people who love what you do and can’t wait to see what you do next.

I like to call them my “perfect people’. Every business has them, but the tricky part can be finding them. That’s where social media can be super helpful – when you use it correctly.

Facebook’s algorithm is currently set to show your content to about 1-4% of the people who “like” your page. That’s it.

To make this easier to understand, let’s put some numbers to this, shall we?

  • Example A: If your page has 100 followers who aren’t your perfect people, 1-4 of those people will see your content but nothing will happen. They won’t engage with your content, and they definitely WON’T become customers.
  • Example B: However, if you have 50 followers who ARE all your people and 1-4% see your content, then you’re 100% guaranteed to get something (engagement, a sale, etc) every time you post.

Are You Seeking out Your Perfect People or the Wrong People?

So many craftpreneuers, bloggers, and small business owners chase social media followers thinking that if they have lots of followers they will start making money (or more money). That couldn’t be less true!

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if those followers aren’t your people, because they won’t be interested in what you have to say or do.

I would MUCH rather invest my time into Example B above because Example A is a complete waste of my time. Sure, I might occasionally get someone who sees my content and becomes a customer, but that would be so uncommon that it just isn’t worth the effort.

Pro Tip: When you keep the focus on talking directly to your perfect people, you will attract more perfect people to you. Your current target-customer-followers will engage with and share your content with other similar people. Over time, you will obtain more followers who are actually potential customers (instead of just lookers.)

THIS is what you want for true growth and success!

Talking to Your Target Audience: Engaging Your Perfect People

Ok, you’ve found your perfect people. Now what?

Well, now you have to talk to them! Keep doing mostly what you’ve been doing, but add a little bit to your content. I have developed what I call the Profitable Post formula that shows you each and every step to write a post with which your perfect person will engage!

My Facebook Profitable Post Formula

  • Write your post with no links
  • Wait 24 hours to give it time to start gaining organic engagement
  • Go back to your post, add links, make them a CTA (CTA = Call To Action)
  • Then boost it to your perfect people

Pro Tip: This formula ONLY works on posts that are getting more than 1-4% organic engagement – people liking, commenting, sharing, etc your post. If your post isn’t getting any engagement, don’t follow these steps, y’all.

How do you figure the organic engagement rate? Organic engagement is the Total Engagement divided by Total Page Likes/Followers.

Here’s a real-world example. Ready to travel back in time to math class?

Your page has 100 followers, and you post content that gets 2 reactions.

That’s 2 ÷ 100 = 0.02 = 2%

Your content is right where it “should” be! But what if you posted content on that same page and it got 5 total engagements?

That would be 5% engagement and a perfect example on which to follow the profitable post formula!

Profitable Post Success Example

One of my customers used this formula on her post, and it went viral. It got:

  • 2 MILLION engagements
  • 10-15 THOUSAND new followers
  • People buying her wreaths like hotcakes
  • Facebook actually paid $3,000 TO HER for ad income from this post

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee those types of numbers for every student in the course. But what I CAN guarantee is that I will teach you the exact same information and formula that will give you the same opportunity to achieve great results.

I hope this post helps you write engaging social media posts that attract your target audience. Later, y’all!

For more business help, check out my business coaching page and my Facebook Page.

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