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Love making bright and cheerful wreaths to decorate your front door? This DIY lemon wreath is so quick to make, the project can take less than 10 minutes! Create this fun and beautiful wreath with just a few supplies! Get ready for a full natural wreath with only a few steps!

You know that I love making fabulous wreaths that use a variety of supplies and look like a pretty party on your door when they are done. I will never stop making that type of wreath but there is also a place for design simplicity in my world. In the video below I show you how to make a “Bless your Heart” lemon wreath that uses only a few supplies and takes just a few minutes to make.

The best part is that it still looks like it took a lot of time to make! Your customers won’t be able to tell the difference. And that’s important, you never want to sacrifice the quality of your products. But it’s definitely ok to find ways to save yourself time and money!

How to Make a Bless Your Heart Lemon Wreath

How To Make A Bless Your Heart Lemon Wreath

Lemon wreaths are always popular. They are great for summer decor, kitchen decor, and also everyday door decoration. I always have a lemon wreath or two available in the shop because they are so versatile and well received. The only problem is that lemon picks are not cheap. They can actually be quite pricy. And, since they are used almost year round, they never seem to go on clearance like other craft supplies.

Sometimes you can find a work around though! Some of you know that I always have my eye out for pre made wreaths that are a bit on the skimpy side. The quality of the supplies isn’t bad, the wreaths are just kind of sparse. When I find these for a decent price I love to snag them up. Then I can easily add more to them and transform them into a designer wreath. Whether I add more greenery and florals, ribbons, or bows, they always come out looking beautiful and quality enough for me to sell them in my shop.

Using what you have

Starting with pre made wreaths not only saves money on supplies, it also saves a lot of time. A pre made wreath gives you a ready to use base and also a good foundation of greenery (and sometimes florals!). For this design, I add a lemon wreath right on top of a greenery wreath and then marry them together to make a full and fabulous wreath.

You may not be able to get your hands on the exact wreaths and sign that I used but that’s totally fine! Once you see how I combine these two, you’ll be able to use the same method with any other wreaths. Use what you already have or start keeping your eyes peeled for wreaths and signs when you’re out shopping. You’ll be surprised how often you find them! If you love this idea and want to see more, check out our post Wreath Rehab: Upcycling Boxwood and Lavender!

Bless Your Heart Lemon Wreath
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Bless Your Heart Lemon Wreath

How to blend two wreaths together to make one beautifully full "Bless your Heart" lemon wreath
Yield: 1 wreath


  • Start by fluffing out your greenery wreath, separate the stems and make it more 3D than flat.
  • Next, nestle your lemon wreath on top of the greenery wreath and use zip ties to secure it in place. Then use the wire cutters to trim off the ends of your zip ties.
  • Now blend your two wreaths together by mingling the greenery.
  • Next it's time to make a bow! Grab your EZ Bow Maker and a 1.5" ribbon. Measure a 12" tail, twist the ribbon and then add it to the bowmaker. Make a 6" loop, twist the ribbon, then add it to the bowmaker. Repeat with another loop on the other side. Make two more loops to form an X and then put two more loops right in the middle. Trim the ribbon after another 12" tail. Then make one more small loop for the center that has two tails. Remove the bow from the bow maker and twist a pipe cleaner around the middle to secure the center in place.
  • Use the pipe cleaner on your bow to attach it to the wreath. Then use the scissors to dovetail the ends of your ribbon tails at varying lengths.
  • Next use a staple gun to attach a pipe cleaner to each corner of your sign. Make sure the sign is thicker than the staples before doing this. If you need to, add square of craft foam or cardboard to the sign before stapling so the staples won't pop through the front. Once you've stapled your pipe cleaners in place, add hot glue to ensure they are secure.
  • Now use the pipe cleaners on your sign to attach it to the center of your wreath, behind the bow.


This is such a simple project, y’all! It literally took me only minutes to do and the results are fabulous. It’s so important to find a balance between the more labor intensive and high price point wreaths with the quick and less expensive ones. It’s not just wreaths that can be upcycled either. To see what I mean, take a look at our Grapevine Bow Upcycle Door Hanger post. Get shopping and then get creative, you won’t regret it!

Just pin this Bless Your Heart Lemon Grapevine Wreath tutorial below to find the instructions later!

Make Your Own Bless Your Heart Lemon Wreath


If you need any help with centerpiece-making, bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How to Make Wreaths.

We would love to see your beautiful summer wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.

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