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Today I’m sharing how to make an upcycled door hanger that you’re going to love! This project goes through how to make a DIY door hanger so you can take a less-than-ideal door hanger and turn it into something beautiful.

Hey, y’all! One of my top tips for keeping your business expenses as low as possible is to hit those post-holiday sales to score amazing deals on supplies.

My absolute favorite sales are the after-Christmas sales! If you sell your creations, you do not want to miss out on these opportunities to stock up on supplies at a fraction of the normal cost. This is a great way to find so many great deals on items that you can spruce up for the next holiday season.

For example, I found this grapevine bow door hanger in a fabulous after Christmas sale last year. Unfortunately, even though it was affordable, it didn’t look up to par with the quality I provide my customers.

So, I decided to use it to demonstrate how to upcycle less-than-ideal pieces into crafts you feel proud and excited to offer your own customers.

Having this skill is a win-win, because you can use budget-friendly supplies and still offer high-quality final products!

I am showing you how to take something mediocre and make it fabulous! Here’s how to make a DIY door hanger.

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How to Make a Christmas Door Hanger

How To Upcycle A Door Hanger Into A Beautiful DIY Door Hanger

Y’all I just love the crafting season that we are in right now. We are in the middle of creating wreaths and other crafts for four different seasons! I love it because it is nearly impossible to get burnt out when you can switch between fall, Halloween, Christmas, and winter decor.

It’s very different from the spring, when we are only creating one type of wreath.

I also love that I get to pull out all of my great finds from the year before (many of which I likely forgot about) and decide what I want to create with them. It’s like an early Christmas for me to dig into my stash and remember what I have.

The grapevine bow that I used for this project had a beautiful base, but the embellishments on it weren’t good quality. All I needed to do was remove the pieces I didn’t like and add my own. Throw in a beautiful bow, and we have a gorgeous door hanger that anyone could be proud to display!

Supplies Needed

Here’s what you’ll need to gather together to make this project yourself.

DIY Door Hanger Video Tutorial

This video has a great overhead view of me making a bow on the EZ Bow Maker. If you have been working on perfecting your bows, you don’t want to miss this tutorial.

DIY Door Hanger Instructions

Most people think of creativity as making something from scratch. But a project like this one requires creativity to turn someone else’s design into your own! Here’s how I make this DIY door hanger by upcycling a door hanger I bought on clearance.

Step 1

Take your grapevine bow base and, using the wire cutters, remove any unwanted pieces. This could be anything that isn’t high quality or that doesn’t match the color scheme you’re planning.

Step 2

Let’s make our bow.

Take your 4″ ribbon and the EZ Bow Maker and measure a 20″ tail and (1) 6″ loop on both sides.

Next, repeat this same process with the 2.5″ then 1.5″ ribbons making your loops about 1/2″ smaller with each new layer.

Next, remove the bow from the EZ Bow Maker and wrap a pipe cleaner around the center. Twist it tightly to secure your bow and make it pop.

Step 3

Add your bow right to the center of the grapevine bow and fluff it out.

Step 4

Next, use the wire cutters to trim smaller stems of greenery off of the main stem. Add a dab of hot glue to the stem to secure it when you insert it into the grapevine base.

Step 5

Next, do the same with your Christmas berry stems. Add as few or as many as you want to achieve the look you seek.

Step 6

Finally, fluff the bow, trim the ribbon tails, and use your fingers to curl the tails. Make sure everything else looks the way you want it to, and you’re done!


Here are a few questions I frequently see readers ask about turning a store-bought design into one of their own. If you have a question but don’t see it answered below, please leave it in the comments!

Can I use any of the items on the base or do I need to take them all off?

So here’s the thing: you can do whatever you want! If you love the base you found on clearance but hate everything on top of it, take all that off and just use the base. If, instead, you like the base and some of the embellishments on it, keep what you like and get rid of the rest.

In other words, you can keep as much or as little as you like to achieve the look you want. And look at it this way: even if you love the base but hate everything else, you still came out on top by buying it (and probably the supplies you use on it) at an awesome sale!

How do I remove embellishments from a store-bought wreath?

Whether you’re “rehabing” a wreath, a door hanger, or something else, you’ll remove the items you don’t like using basic tools we use to make those same items. Scissors, wire cutters, and bolt cutters should be all you need to take off anything you want to replace with something else.

Should I pull stems out of a grapevine wreath?

If you want to transform a grapevine wreath, I would not recommend trying to pull stems out of the wreath frame. They are most likely secured with glue, and you could end up damaging the wreath frame beyond the point of no return.

Instead, I recommend cutting off whatever you don’t want. Take the cutters of your choice and cut the items as flush with the wreath frame as you can so you can place your new embellishments right over anything that’s left.

Try Transforming A Store-Bought Design Yourself!

That’s it y’all! This is a super simple project with fabulous results. You may not be starting with the same base that I am since this was one of my finds from last year but that’s okay! You can take the process you see in the video and apply it to whatever items you have at home.

I hope you have fun with this project and seeing where it takes you!

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We would love to see your beautiful summer wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.

Creative Coaching - Free Tutorial
beautiful red and green bow with evergreen pine
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Simple Bow

How to make a simple bow on the EZ Bow Maker
Yield: 1 Bow


  • Take your 4" ribbon and measure a 20" tail. Secure the ribbon in the EZ Bow Maker. Make a 6" loop on both sides, leave your second tail, then trim your ribbon from the spool.
  • Next, repeat this process with the 2.5" then 1.5" ribbons making your loops a little smaller each time.
  • Next, remove your bow and use a pipe cleaner to pull the center tight then tie off using the pipe cleaner.
  • Finally, fluff the bow, trim the tails, and then use your fingers to curl the tails.
beautiful red and green bow with evergreen pine
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Grapevine Bow Upcycle Door Hanger

How to upcylcle a grapevine bow
Yield: 1 Door hanger


  • Take your grapevine bow base and, using the wire cutters, remove any unwanted pieces. This could be anything that isn't high quality or that doesn't match the color scheme you're planning.
  • Add your bow right to the center of the grapevine bow and fluff it out.
  • Next, trim your greenery into smaller sections. Use the glue gun to add them into the grapevine base.
  • Next, do the same with your Christmas berry stems. Add as little or as much as you like to get your desired effect.


Just pin this DIY Door Hanger tutorial to save these instructions for future reference.

DIY Christmas Door Hanger using Budget-Friendly Supplies


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