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Looking for the perfect patriotic centerpiece to whip up for your Fourth of July bash? Look no further! If you want to make a decor item that will be talked about all day long, watch the video below and learn how to make a 3D top hat centerpiece. 

I love a good BBQ, y’all. And what better reason to have one than the Fourth of July? It’s practically an Americal rite of passage!

When I attend a cookout, I often sign up to bring decor rather than a stale side dish. Trust me, the host of any event will love jazzing up their table with a patriotic centerpiece like this one!

DIY Patriotic Top Hat Centerpiece

This hat took a bit of finagling to make into a patriotic centerpiece, but that’s half the fun! In the video below, I’ll show you how to add a styrofoam piece as a base to decorate, then we’ll get to work.

I recommend grabbing one of our mesh holders if you can for this project. That’ll help keep the mesh from rolling back up, since we actually want to curl the mesh from corner to corner. We’ll add a pick to the mesh to add it into the styrafoam—and trust me we’ll cover it fully! No bald spots in this patriotic centerpiece!

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DIY Patriotic Top Hat Centerpiece

This patriotic centerpiece is sure to be the star of any Fourth of July gathering!
Yield: 1 centerpiece


  • Take top hat, use box cutter, and cut off the top.
  • Take your styrofoam ring that fits in to the top part of the hat. Take the top part that you cut and glue to the styrofoam ring.
  • To cover the styrofoam, hot glue the ribbon around the ring.
  • Now add a little bit of hot glue around the edge of the ribbon on the bottom then wedge it into the hat. Make sure it's even.
  • Get your deco mesh, and cut 15-20 measured out at 12" each.
  • Curl the deco mesh from corner to corner, fold in half to form a "v", take floral pins and pin through center of mesh, dip pin in a little bit of hot glue, and pin the mesh all around the top of the hat. Make sure the top is completely covered. Fluff out the curls.
  • Use a stem cutter to trim the picks/sprays for your centerpiece.
  • Use the pick machine, add picks to your picks/sprays. Take the pick, dip in hot glue and add your centerpiece.
  • Get your ribbons, cut 14" and dovetail the ribbons. Take the ribbons, fold it in half, and cut. Add a pick, dip in to hot glue and add to your centerpiece by the deco mesh.

There you have it – the patriotic centerpiece that’s sure to be the belle of the ball (or bbq). Give it a try!

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