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Hey y’all I did a video last year showing you a little wreath rehab. Learn how to replace faded ribbons. We all have our favorite wreaths that get a little sun-kissed, so how do we rehab those beauties?

Most of the time the bases are just fine, it’s the bows that need a little love. In this project, we’re fixing up the yellow faded ribbons on this 2-piece wreath.

Wreath Rehab Tip - How to Replace Faded Ribbon

Wreath Rehab Tip: How to Replace Faded Ribbon

First thing you need to remember, you DO NOT have to use the same ribbon. Maybe you want to less seasonal, or maybe a little more relative to a certain season. Either way, you’re golden! Give yourself permission to make it whatever you want it to be.

How to Replace the Whole Bow?

Y’all, you can replace the entire bow with any type of bow really. We’ve got a couple of bow tutorials that you can create using the EZ Bow Maker.

How to Make a Terri Bow

The Terri Bow is super simple and takes less than 10 minutes to create!

3-2-1 Bow - IG

A 3-2-1 bow is a multi-layered bow that takes less than 5 minutes to design.

How to Replace Faded Ribbon Within an Existing Bow?

Sometime you don’t want to replace the whole bow, but just the faded ribbon within the bow. Here’s what you’ll do.

Remove the faded section of ribbon from your bow and measure out the sizes of the loops and tails.

We normally secure bows with a pipe cleaner, so in this case you’ll untwist the pipe cleaner to release the faded section.

Next, you’ll use your EZ Bow Maker to recreate the original section.

Secure the new section to the original bow using a pipe cleaner or zip tie.

Let’s see your wreath rehab projects over at the  How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group. We can’t wait to see how you update them!

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