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Hey friends! This DIY Sunflower Wreath is ideal for indoors or under a covered patio. If we had to rank the difficulty for this design, we’d say it’s “Y’all anyone can make this one, for sure” level. This is a simple wreath great for beginners or seasoned wreath makers!

DIY Sunflower Wreath Video Tutorial

DIY Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

Y’all can get the paper mesh used for this wreath in a whole multitude of colors. I’ve done these in purple, pink, blue, and yellow. Have at it friends, because you can make a sunflower for any season!

Supplies Needed for Sunflower Wreath:

Larger Wreath Form Instructions: Sunflower Leaves

  1. Cut your mesh into 12″ x 12″ squares or 10″ x 12″ (Whatever size you want. ).
  2. Fold the two opposing corner points into the center and overlap ends just a little bit.
  3. Then you ruffle it to get a nice clean leaf.
  4. Attach to the wreath form using twist ties.

For the leaves, I like to put face down. So we’re going to go all around the base of the frame with the green leaves.

Larger Wreath Instructions: Sunflower Petals

Let’s move onto some flowers. Y’all the flowers, I leave with the petals open, facing up.

  1. Cut your mesh into 12″ x 12″ squares or 10″ x 12″ (Whatever size you want. ).
  2. Fold the two opposing corner points into the center and overlap ends just a little bit.
  3. Attach to the wreath form on top of the leaves, using the same twist ties.
  4. Go ahead and add two petals to every twist because it’s probably going to need it.
  5. Whenever you’re done, go back and separate those petals out.

Smaller Wreath Form Instructions: 

  1. Take your smaller frame and attach it in the center using the twist ties from the bigger frame.  No zip ties needed, y’all.
  2. Now, the pipe cleaners are for the very center and we’re going to run them from one side to the other. So y’all whenever you put these on, make sure you get around a crossbar so you can hold it in place. This will be the frame that the pre-made flower center sits on.
  3. Next, add more yellow mesh petals onto the smaller frame.
  4. Attach an additional row of yellow petals to the pipe cleaner frame you just made in step #2 (Go about halfway in and attach it. We’re doing that y’all so we get that layered effect, right?)
  5. Attach the floral center using floral pins. Cut pins or avoid pushing them all the way through to avoid sharp ends sticking out.
  6. Y’all when you’re all done, flip it over and put some hot glue on all those different twists to make sure they don’t come off and everywhere it’s touching the base.
  7. Add some floral pins at angles through the paper mesh. Secured!

How to Make a Simple Sunflower Wreath

Adding the Final Touches to Your Sunflower Wreath

It’s time to go back and just kind of separate your leaves.

Do you see how everything is fraying? We’ll fix that at the end too, because once you stop pulling on it y’all…the fraying will stop. You just take your scissors and trim the flyaways. Mesh just sitting there is not going to unravel. It’s whenever you touch it, that it unravels. Right?

Y’all make sure you pull your little yellow petals apart and give your wreath a good ol’ fashioned visual audit. If you see spots where they’re not stacked right on top of each other it’s going to look janky. And we don’t make janky, remember?

Patch those bare spots and adjust misaligned petals so you have a high-quality wreath everyone will be talking about.

If you have a ladybug or something you could add one on here. That would be cute! Y’all adding that extra frame really gives you that extra depth on your flower.

Share some of your favorite floral designs with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group. We’d love to see all your creations! If you are interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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