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The Fall season is filled with such beautiful warm colors and this DIY velvet pumpkin door hanger pulls all those colors together. You can’t help but admire its vibrant orange color, elegant ribbons and intricate details that scream “fall is here!”

This post will walk you through how to revamp store bought velvet pumpkin door hangers. We’ll dive into enhancing it with colored ribbons, handmade bows, animal print picks and greenery bush for that extra charm!

collage of photos showing Damon Oates adding a bow, greenery, to a velvet pumpkin door hanger.

Velvet Pumpkin Door Hanger Facelift

Fall decor has a charm of its own, and what better way to embrace it than with a velvet pumpkin door hanger? Not just any door hanger, but one you’ve crafted yourself.

Enhancing Your Door Hanger with Ribbons

Ribbons add more charm to our already charming pumpkin. Don’t limit yourself here – play around with various colors including blue, orange, black, white or gold.

You can mix these shades together for added depth and interest. This will truly help upgrade your door hanger into something extra special.

It doesn’t stop there; let’s get creative.

Tying the Perfect Bow

If you’ve ever found yourself fumbling to tie a beautiful bow for your decor items then worry no more. The secret lies in choosing the right ribbon colors.

Ribbons play a crucial role in enhancing the look of your door hangers. Whether it’s contrasting shades like black or white against bright orange pumpkins or complementary hues such as gold and tan – each choice brings its own unique appeal.

Incorporating different color schemes enables us to evoke varied moods and aesthetics. It’s just like dressing up for different occasions; some days call for vibrant blues while others demand subtle tans. Learn how to make that perfect bow here.

Remember: No matter what color scheme you choose, always aim for harmony between elements.

Positioning Your Picks

To create an eye-catching effect, glue your animal print picks directly into the frame of the pumpkin around the bow. This trick brings out unexpected texture and patterns that are sure to turn heads.

Using Greenery Bush for Extra Flair

If you’re after a fuller look, consider incorporating a greenery bush. With its multiple stems that fluff out in three colors, it gives your door hanger depth without overwhelming its design. Think of it as mascara for your pumpkin – not necessary but definitely elevates the whole look.

Animal print picks aren’t just for safari-themed parties; they’re perfect embellishments here too. And don’t underestimate what a difference some strategically placed green foliage can make. Now get crafting.

Gluing Techniques for a Secure Hold

The first thing to note is how important it is to apply glue not only on the tip but also around the flat piece of a curled pick. This technique helps make sure that the velvet grips together well. It’s like making sure every jigsaw puzzle piece fits perfectly; secure from all sides.

You might be wondering why this method? Well, just as layers in lasagna keep everything held tightly together, applying glue all around creates more contact points between pieces – ensuring they hold fast and don’t slip apart over time.

A pro-tip: You can lift up parts of your ribbon and squeeze some glue between its layers down into its knot—just like hiding treasures inside secret pockets. Trimming and placing three final pieces of picks around your pumpkin further adds stability.

Final Crafting Thoughts

So, you’ve journeyed through the delightful process of crafting a velvet pumpkin door hanger. You’ve discovered the allure of bright orange and blue velvet, explored how to add charm with multi-colored ribbons and even tied that perfect bow!

You didn’t stop there! You learned how to enhance your creation with animal print picks glued directly into the frame for maximum effect. Adding greenery bush for extra flair? Yes, please!

Assembling your pumpkin door hanger might have seemed tricky at first. But now you know all about applying glue not only on the tip but also around a curled pick’s flat piece to make sure everything holds together.

All in all, creating this fall decor isn’t just fun; it’s an experience worth sharing. Whether displaying it proudly or gifting someone special – let your handcrafted masterpiece welcome in the autumn season.

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