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Looking for a everyday floral wreath design that’s super easy? Jordan, one of our resident creative coaches has got you covered.

The simplicity of the project doesn’t take away from it’s beauty, that’s for sure. The different blue variations create a soft look that’s perfect all year round.


DIY Everyday Floral Wreath

One of the truly delightful aspects about adorning your front door with everyday decor is that it exudes a sense of warmth and homeliness that’s inviting.

Wreaths add character to your home, often serving as conversation starters for guests and passersby. They are an extension of your creativity!

It’s not just about aesthetic appeal; it’s also a reflection of the love, care, and thoughtfulness you put into creating a welcoming atmosphere. The beauty of everyday designs lies in their versatility to fit in all seasons.

It’s these small touches that transform any house into a home full of personality and charm!

grapevine wreath with greenery and florals for everyday front door decor
grapevine wreath with greenery and florals for everyday front door decor
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Everyday Floral Wreath

This simple design is perfect for all year round front door decor.


  • 1 Pair of scissors
  • 1 wire cutter or stem cutter


  • Clean up your grapevine wreath, trimming any stray vines that may scratch your door.
  • Using your 2.5" wired ribbon, create 16" tail.
  • Pinch and create 2 x 10" loops.
  • Pinch and twist creating 4 x 11" loops.
  • Pinch and twist creating 2 x 12" loops.
  • Add a pipe cleaner to the back of the bow.
  • Secure your bows and pipe cleaner with a zip tie.
  • Fluff out bow loops.
  • Dovetail the ends.
  • Add in 2 greenery spray to the left side of the grapevine using glue. Give the main stem a little bit of a curve so it follows the natural curve of the grapevine.
  • Add in some filler flower sprays to the greenery.
  • Add your bow to the center of the floral bunch using the pipe cleaner.

FAQs on this everyday floral wreath

Can you add a sign?

Yes, you could add an 8″-10″ wreath sign for it to fit perfectly.

How big is the finished design?

It’s about 32″ tall and 7″ thick.

Can I use different materials?

Absolutely! Use alternative greenery, florals, and ribbon but follow the same instructions to create an entirely different look!

collage of photos showing different angles of an everyday grapevine wreath with greenery and florals

The Fun of Making Your Own Wreath

Creating your own wreath is an adventure of color, texture, and creativity. With each selection of greenery, ribbon, or decorative elements, you’re not just crafting an object; you’re painting a unique expression of your personality and style. The process itself is therapeutic, kind of like meditation as it allows you to focus on the task at hand while letting your creative juices flow unrestricted.

Test your creativity through your choices of a diverse range of materials; from lush evergreens that resonate with life even in the coldest winters to vibrant autumn leaves that seem to capture and hold onto the sun’s warmth. Every little piece you add tells its own story.

The beauty of making your own wreath goes beyond the final product. It lies in the journey – picking out materials, arranging them in harmonious balance, and seeing it all come together into something beautiful and uniquely yours. It’s about embracing imperfections because they add character and make your creation one-of-a-kind.

So whether it’s for a festive holiday decoration or a warm welcome sign that hangs on your front door all year round, creating a wreath is more than just an art project. It’s a fun-filled activity that lets you express yourself while producing something tangible that enhances your home décor. Each time you look at your handmade wreath hanging proudly on display, it serves as a sweet reminder of the joyous process by which it came into being.

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