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Coach Mel is a wife and mother of two beautiful children. She started her business Sincerely Creative in 2017 after being put on notice from her (now former) job… The company was selling and eliminating her position… how’s that for a kick start?

Since then, she has taken her business from selling to friends, family, and on Facebook marketplace to the growing BOOMING business it is today.

“Y’all… in a roundabout way the universe somehow made the decision for me to NOT go back to work, handed me Damon Oates and his Business coaching group on a golden sparkling platter with BIG flashing lights so that I wouldn’t miss it AND that allowed me to stay home and be a mom.”

Melissa Morrow

After Melissa and her husband adopted their two children in 2019 Sincerely Creative MOM was born! Originally founded in 2015 as “Sincerely Creative”… becoming a MOM has become her number one WHY… so she felt emotionally attached to adding the word MOM to her business name!

She was actually featured in our own post The “Why” Behind Our Online Business.

Makers University Success Story - Coach Mel

From Accounting to Wreath Making

With a background in accounting, Melissa has the best ways to create beautiful items on a budget.

In the beginning of her creative journey, she started hosting wreath making classes in person and fell in love with the process. She has gone on to become a Creative Coach inside The Makers University. Here she has the best of all the worlds… creating, nurturing the wreath making community, and teaching from home all while raising her young children.

Melissa has grown her social media presence on Facebook and is now expanding to TikTok, Instagram and YouTube! She hopes to inspire other moms (grandmas, dads and all creatives) to explore their creative gifts and turn their hobby into a thriving business so they can stay home and raise their families while contributing to the household income.

What was your favorite part of the Cha-Ching Blueprint in Makers University?

My favorite part is in the WHY actually. I love the whole Blueprint mostly because I live in a scatter brain world and I don’t always like to keep to a schedule.

The Blueprint allows me to go in when I need information, easily and QUICKLY search for what I need, consume the data at MY speed and get on with my task. Being able to learn with the step by step tutorials AND ask questions every day during the business lives if necessary is priceless to me.

What do you love most about Makers University?

I love that the information we consume within the Makers University is tried and true from trusted sources. Let’s be real… you can surf the net and find most of the answers you are looking for both in business and creative… that’s no secret.

However, I’m a skeptical person who has very little extra time. So actually knowing the Makers University brand, their business, and the coaches they do business with is a very comforting feeling for my small business. I know the information I’m consuming is honest, from the heart, from experience and always has MY business in their best interest!

Creative Coaching - Free Tutorial

Where to find Melissa at Sincerely Creative Mom

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Makers University Success Story - Sincerely Creative Mom

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