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Hey y’all, it’s Damon here with The Makers Mean Business podcast and in episode 24, I share a few tips to grow a community of customers. It’s extremely important for the success of your business.

Your online community can drive sales, build trust, improve loyalty, and reduced service costs. Now, let me be crystal clear on this. The heart of your community is not profit based. True growth happens when you serve your community.

I recommend that you start with your customers pain point in mind. Y’all for DecoExchange, we’ve got an amazing community that continues to show up and support us constantly because we continue to show up and support the community.

image of a person holding a globe in the background and text in the foreground "6 Tips to Growing Your Community of Customers"

6 Tips to Grow a Community of Customers

Being authentic in the online space will gain your customers loyalty 1,000% faster than being the quiet and hidden one in the background.

On Sunday, August 30, we launched a $20 challenge to help raise money for those affected by Hurricane Laura. And within the first hour of the challenge, we had already raised enough money for 500 meals! That’s the power of a community.

What are the 6 tips to growing a community?

1. Listen to your community! They will point blank tell you what they want and need, and what their pain points are. 

2. Keep the content engaging! Use your platforms wisely.

3. Be SEARCHABLE. Make sure you are using SEO terms in titles, posts, and SEO fields!

4. Make it PERSONAL. People want to do business with other PEOPLE.

5. Don’t just build a community on borrowed ground – make sure you’re building an e-mail list and pushing your community to your own website.

6. Turn your best customers into BRAND ADVOCATES!

Listen to the podcast below:

How Do I Find the Right People for My Community?

Identifying your perfect person is absolutely essential to growing your community the right way. Trust me it saves you so much time when you know your target audience.

There are so many people who use social media that sifting through the billions. Did you know that Facebook alone has 1.69 billion users worldwide? WHAT?!

magnifying glass focusing in on a red target to signify target audience

Pro Tip: When you keep the focus on talking directly to your perfect people, you will attract more perfect people to you. Your current target-customer-followers will engage with and share your content with other similar people. Over time, you will obtain more followers who are actually potential customers (instead of just lookers.


Now, y’all, let’s recap Episode 24. Real quick, a strong online community is based on six strategic items and none of them are about you. They’re all about the customer that you want to attract.

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 24 - Tips to Growing Your Community of Customers

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