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An e-mail list is a powerful asset to any business. If Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest were to fold one day, you’d still have your e-mail list to engage with your audience, right? As long as you’re not doing any funny business with that list, it’ll remain completely yours!

When you simplify it, getting someone to subscribe to it is a transaction. You want an e-mail address in exchange for something, usually that’s information, whether it’s a discount, a download, and all things we offer. We’ve discussed how to build an e-mail list before, but we’re about to dig a little deeper. How do we grow an engaged list?

How to Grow an Engaged E-Mail List

Grow an Engaged E-Mail List

How many free training offers have you blindly signed up for? How did they get you to give up your e-mail?

In many cases, you were targeted by your interests and actions on the vast world of the internet. It’s the land of cookies. That’s a whole other conversation though.

The key to growing an engaged e-mail list is understanding what your ideal customer wants. Once you’ve identified what they think they want you can create an opt-in.

What is an opt-in?

Let’s not get all technical, an opt-in is key part of e-mail marketing. You create an offer that is exclusively available for those who register for your e-mails.

Some of the offers we’ve used are:

  • Discount codes to DecoExchange
  • Free tutorial
  • Video training
  • Invite to a Facebook Group
  • Birthday rewards

Other examples:

  • Digital downloads: e-book, workbooks, planners, other PDFs
  • Webinar
  • Access to templates
  • Newsletter

Here’s something people forget. You can convert a one-time buyer into an e-mail subscriber. You already know they are your perfect customer, they’re buying your product!

One-Time Buyer to Long-Time E-Mail Subscriber

Have you ever gone to a store where they had a little guest book to sign up for their e-mails? This is the same concept!

A customer finds you on Etsy and purchases a wreath.

What types of videos would be helpful to them?

  1. How to Store a Wreath
  2. How to Use a Wreath
  3. How to Hang a Wreath
  4. Care Instructions
  5. How to Coordinate the Wreath With Other Decor

You can now offer any of these videos or all of these videos over time if they opt-in to your e-mail list. Think about it, you can keep them engaged as they anxiously await your next video that fills their need.

You’ve officially taken customer service to a whole new level, y’all!

When you e-mail them about new wreaths available, who do you think they’re going to buy from?

You can replace wreaths your own product and create your own list of videos that your customers or clients need.

Converting Your Social Media Audience into E-Mail Subscribers

If you have an audience on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you have a unique opportunity. You can ask them what they want!

We do it ourselves from time to time. It’s called market research, friends.

Your audience is powerful! They can help you sort out what they are looking for, what they need help with, and help you avoid what you think they want.

From blog content to e-mail opt-ins they are your best guide.

Now you can provide tutorials, downloads, etc that they’ll actually want to register their e-mail for.

Funny how engagement creates more engagement, if you have your perfect audience.

How to Create an Engaging Newsletter for Your E-Mail List

So the very first thing you should know is that 80% of the content should help your subscriber. The other 20% can be sales related content.

If you’ve identified your perfect person, newsletter content is easier than you think. You’ll know their pain points, belief, and story. You should absolutely be able to provide solutions for your subscriber’s pain points.

You can connect with them authentically with conversational e-mails.

Email Newsletter Series Flow

Ultimately it comes down to knowing your perfect customer. Can you identify what they think they need? You absolutely can!

Take the time to talk with your audience, not at them. Your community will help you with the content to keep them active and engaged.


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