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I guess for everyone success can be measured differently, and I hope you can see just a bit into what I call my success.

2008 was when Designs by Jordan was born, and there’s not a thing I would do differently…ok well maybe a few things but over all I LOVE what I do and I love being able to teach and share with others what I do!

I would have never thought that me making wreaths for my mom and things for my grandma would lead up to me now shipping all across the US, teaching others, and sharing all my tips and tricks with thousands. Seriously y’all, like how is this my life?

I wouldn’t have thought that me, little ole me working in a grocery store for 13 years, starting from the bottom and working my way up to management and hustling and working my business at the same time would lead me to friending Damon Oates and not only friending him but also being able to to chat with someone that understood the lingo of “there’s glitter EVERYWHERE” or “you think this looks ok?” to finally saying YES to Damon Oates in 2020 when he asked me to be a creative coach.

Coach Jordan from Makers University holding up a handmade Christmas wreath

Really y’all, I never would have thought that I’d be the one to tell someone that “this ribbon is 13 inches long” or “adding this to your centerpiece just takes it to the next level” but here I am, and I’m forever thankful to each and every one of y’all.

I guess you could say that my success isn’t measured by the dollar signs, the shares, the likes, the follows it’s measured by being able to share my story with someone and seeing their success. Whether it’s “I sold 5 wreaths today” or “I worked on my SEO today” or “you told that story about how you don’t like grasshoppers…and I can relate to that.” Ok ok…I just had to add that one in, but really seeing you succeed makes me succeed and that’s how I measure my success.

Here’s to you and I, happy creating!

What was your favorite part of the Cha-Ching Blueprint? Why?

I love that you can run your own race at your own pace, if you don’t understand something right away you can rewind, fast forward, take a break when you need to.

If I need just one nugget or 20 of information I can get it at my own pace. It’s all laid out for you and if you struggle you know that you can go back and ask a question during business hours and get a REAL answer, not an automated response.

What do you love most about Makers University?

What I love most about the Makers University is that you have such a diverse group of coaches teaching you day after day how to mix textures and patterns.

How to take those photos in the best light and get your items listed.

Helping you learn new things that will help grow your business, whether it’s photography, listings, social media apps, etc.

All the coaches not only want to succeed, but they want you to succeed as well! Together we could probably rule the world.

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