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It’s been awhile since our last Makers University Success story! The series went on a tiny hiatus, but it’s up an running again.

September’s Makers University success story is from Jacquelyn Koch aka Coach Fancy, founder of The Fancy Front Door and House of Fancy.

On top of all that she’s a Makers University Creative Coach! She brings the “extra” to design, sharing how to create luxury decorative pieces with velvety ribbons and luscious picks and stems. She’ll definitely get you comfortable with using 4″ ribbon!

Jacquelyn Koch aka Coach Fancy with one of her designer wreaths

Coach Fancy’s Makers University Success Story

My story is really unusual. I had no idea my path would ever lead me from dentistry to making wreaths for a living!

I had literally only made one wreath…and it was terrible! Then I didn’t touch another one for an entire year.

But my community was in crisis. Hurricane Harvey had just hit, my friends and neighbors were all displaced in temporary housing after just losing everything. I sprang into action, thinking let me make some wreaths and for each one.

With every one I sold, I’d donate one to someone who just lost everything. Anything to make their temporary housing feel a little bit more like home. I figured I’d get 5 to 10 orders, and I’d be super happy with that… well, my neighbors ended up ordering over 100 wreaths ….meaning I needed to make over 200 wreaths NOW.

So I took to Facebook and joined every possible wreath making group I could find. One night someone posted the question “are the paid groups really worth it? And which one is your favorite?…” Resoundingly everyone started talking about this ‘Damon’ guy! My first thought was “I can pay someone to help me do this better and faster? TAKE MY MONEY!”

So, I found Damon and watched one live… within 24 hours had joined the creative coaching group and business coaching. I never imagined in a million years that a creative business could be a thing! My eyes were opened!

I dug in deep and could not get my hands on enough information, not only to perfect my craft, but also Etsy, and how to really work every social media platform to make my business boom.

I definitely learned and know that when you invest in yourself, it never returns void! I also learned that this is my race, and I need to run it at my own pace, so I chose one topic to dive deep into first, perfect it to the point that I could do it in my sleep, then move to the next thing.

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that without Damon and Makers University. I would be on a completely different path right now. I love knowing that I have a multitude of creative and business resources at my fingertips to learn from and I feel like I’m always up to date with the newest algorithm changes.

And I also love having a community that gets me and my ribbon addiction.

What was your favorite part of the Makers University Cha-ching Blueprint?

Literally anything about Etsy!

What do you love most about Makers University?

I’m always up to date with the new, now, next in FB & Etsy and can reach out with questions if I’ve got em!

Where to follow Coach Fancy

This is where I bring you my collection of finished wreaths, swags & centerpieces. You can also find high end & hard to find ribbons & supplies as well as the famous MYSTERY BOXES!

House of Fancy is a women owned boutique for all sizes and shapes! We are dedicated to offering fashionable statement jewelry & trendy women’s clothing AND we have delightfully fancy gifts to treat yourself or spread some FANCY!

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