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Let’s talk about business strategy with the owner of She’s Crafty Too. Find out how adaptability in business can be a great strategy to help your business succeed and grow. 

Hey, Y’all! We are now 5 episodes into our new podcast, Makers Mean Business (MMB), and we are excited to bring you today’s episode. We created MMB to help you with your craftpreneur business by giving you nuggets of experience and wisdom that you can take and use yourself to build and grow your own business.

Picture of Clara-Nicole from She's Crafty Too

The Makers Mean Business podcast is designed to be helpful for both wreath makers and other craftpreneurs who need some guidance…and encouragement.

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MMB Episode 5: Clara-Nicole from She’s Crafty Too

We are excited to showcase Clara-Nicole today. Clara’s story really demonstrates how you need to be willing to utilize adaptability in business as your business experiences grow. Just because you started your business journey one way doesn’t mean that’s your only path or option.

Clara-Nicole is the creator of She’s Crafty Too, an online shop that specializes in beautiful wreaths, teardrop swags, decorative garlands, and floral centerpieces. After successfully growing that business, she opened Creators’ Clubhouse, LLC, a physical arts & crafts and women’s clothing boutique storefront in San Antonio, TX.

Finding her passion to create at a young age, she was always making things with her hands for her dolls, herself, and for others. In 2013, she tried making her first wreath for her own door, which turned into another and then into many more!

Through her businesses, she was able to leave her 17-year corporate career in 2016 and became a maker full time while fulfilling her dream to be a stay at home mom. Since then, she has made and sold unique home decor items while also teaching others how to make their own.

An Effective Business Strategy: Adaptability

We’re not going to spill the entire cart of beans on this episode here, because we don’t want you to miss out on the incredible tidbits that Clara-Nicole shares. Instead, here’s a sneak peek!

Like many entrepreneurs, she has weathered her storms, and her experience is invaluable to anyone else trying to grow a Craftpreneur business.

Some interesting topics that you’ll want to hear Clara-Nicole chat about are:

  • How to rise to the challenge of selling – there have been struggles!
  • What’s up next
  • 3 helpful tips for anyone who is just starting their business

How to Adapt Your Business Idea

One of the greatest contributors to Clara-Nicole’s success is her adaptability in business. When one business strategy doesn’t work as well as she hopes, she pivots and adapts to something that works better. I guess you could say that adaptability in itself has been a successful business strategy for her!

And if that’s not interesting enough, some other things that she chats about that you’ll want to hear:

  • Don’t be afraid to…
  • Take the time and the leap to become a legitimate business
  • How TikTok helped her traffic

I had a great time talking with Clara-Nicole and appreciated the time she took to chat with us about her business strategy pearls of wisdom. I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store for her and what other pivots she may make in the future as she continues to grow her businesses.

Listen to the podcast to hear about her struggles and the lessons she has learned from them. You won’t want to miss it!

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