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Creating quality video content is essential to any creative business. We’ve mastered a proven process that allows us to focus on one great live per week.

So many creatives focus on churning out content like a machine, but the reality is it’s all about quality. What good is 5 days of average content if it’s serves no purpose? It’s a waste of your time, really.

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 016 - Creating Quality Video Content with Parker Stelly

MMB Podcast Ep 16: Creating Quality Video Content

In this episode of Makers Mean Business, I focus on creating quality content at a high level, since I don’t want to get too technical.

Obviously, creating content isn’t just about showing up and making a cute video, right?

We’ve moved to a process where we usually only make one, maybe two pieces of real, really good quality video content a week. But that one piece of content, you guys, we post on Instagram, we post on YouTube, we post it on Facebook, obviously we make a blog post out of it.

The Important Takeaways

  1. Check your lighting & sound quality – and don’t be afraid to record a test video to make sure you sound okay, detect any of your bad habits, and to make sure there are no weird shadows or bright spots!
  2. Make sure you have good “actual” content in your video – speak with a purpose and know your Perfect Person! Don’t forget a clear call to action!
  3. Know the data – what platform are you using and what does your audience look for on that platform? 
  4. Watch yourself improve – when you watch your own content (even when it’s painful!) you will get better! You’ll notice your areas of opportunity to improve and then you can work on them.
  5. Repurpose content. As long as you know how to use content effectively on each platform, there’s no reason you can’t do a little editing here and there to re-use the same content across multiple platforms!

The Wrap Up

Y’all, the reality is if you’re purposeful with your content then it can serve you in so many different areas.

There are a ton of creators who have been taught that everything should be everywhere, with little thought involved. Yes, we want to be present in our communities whether they are on Facebook or Pinterest. But that doesn’t mean you have to have 50 new ideas each week. Just work smarter, friends!

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 16: Learn How to Create Quality Video Content

Up Next

Our next episode is packed full of awesome information y’all! In Episode 17, we chat with Tamara Bennett from Southern A-door-nments Decor about community over competition. Tune in to learn more about her principles, her journey, and what running a Maker business has done for her and her family!  Keep checking back for new Makers Mean Business podcasts!

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