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In today’s episode, Damon interviews Amy Smith from Ba Bam Wreaths. Amy tells her story and gives helpful tips for growing your brand and becoming a successful craftpreneur. Amy has a beautiful message and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

Hey y’all we are back with a brand new episode of the Makers Mean Busines Podcast! This is Episode 19 already, and we have a great one for you today. Amy Smith from Ba Bam Wreaths sits down with Damon and shares how she got started in the wreath business and what has helped her to thrive.

Amy has a powerful story of overcoming her past to achieve her dreams. She strives to be an encouragement to others, and I’m here to tell y’all that she definitely succeeds in that. You are sure to find encouragement and inspiration when you listen to this episode with Amy!

Makers Mean Business Podcast Ep. 19 - Helpful Tips for Growing Your Brand Special Guest: Amy Smith, Ba Bam Wreaths

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In the last episode, MMB Ep 18, we gave you all the details about Quick Win Weekend. Quick Win Weekend is a virtual retreat that is packed full of fabulous tutorials, help with stocking your shops for the busy season, and bank busting business tips that you can implement right away. This retreat is virtual, so it can be viewed anytime during the next year.

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Helpful Tips for Growing Your Brand

This episode with Amy is truly uplifting, y’all. Amy’s is a story of hope and reminds us how important it is to never give up on your dreams. Amy also reminds us that you have to start from where you are. No matter where that is it’s the perfect place to you to take the first steps!

The Important Takeaways

When you listen to this episode, you will get lots of useful tips and inspiration for growing your brand. Here are some of the highlights:

  • How collaborations can help build your business, especially in the beginning.
  • Why it’s important to not hide behind your products but to let yourself be seen.
  • The importance of finding what sets you apart from others and building and growing your brand from the beginning.
  • How to let your passion be your drive.

The Wrap Up

In this interview with Amy from Ba Bam Wreaths, she offers a lot of motivation and inspiration, but she doesn’t pull any punches about what it’s like to work for yourself. Following your dreams and starting your own business is hugely rewarding. However, as Amy points out, it’s a lot more work than just doing the 9-5. She achieved her dream of being a work from home mom though, and for her, it’s all worth it.

If you want to hear more about balancing your work and home lives, check out our interview with Mellie Mel of Sincerely Creative Mom. She has also made those dreams come true!

Amy is passionate about the message she feels called to share. We talk a lot on this podcast about focusing on your “why”. That reason that you wanted to be a maker in the first place. Amy’s “why” is her message of hope and purpose. For her that is far more important than the products she is selling. The big takeaway is to always let your passion be your drive!

Up Next

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Makers Mean Business Podcast Ep. 19 - Learn Helpful Tips for Growing Your Business With Amy Smith, Ba Bam Wreaths

If you are interested in working with us and learning even more about how to create, run and  grow a successful business, check out our coaching options at Damon’s Business coaching.

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