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Today on the podcast Parker sits down with Christine Jerry of The Virtual Colab to give you an introduction to SEO. Search Engine Optimization is how your customers find you online, and it is a very important part of doing business on the internet.

Hey, Y’all! We are back with another episode of the Makes Mean Business podcast. In Episode 14, Parker chats with our friend and colleague Christine about the best ways to help your customers find you online. This can be a complicated topic. However, Parker and Christine give you a great introduction to SEO that is easy to digest.

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 014 - Introduction to SEO

Before we dive into today’s episode, be sure to check out our other episodes of Makes Mean Business podcast. There is so much useful information packed into these episodes and we don’t want you to miss a thing!

In the last episode, MMB Ep 13, we introduced you to Christine of The Virtual Colab. Christine is a fantastic “chaos coordinator” who manages our blog. She also has several other successful clients. She shares the story of how she got started in business and what has worked for her. Christine gives lots of helpful advice on how to grow and maintain your online business. If you missed it, be sure to check out her story in Episode 13!

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MMB Podcast Ep 14: Introduction to SEO

SEO can be a very in depth topic. There are many layers and analytics to consider when you really dive into it. Our goal with this episode, however, is to help y’all understand the basics so that you can take action for your business today. Christine has been studying and implementing SEO for years and has some amazing insights that you can start pulling from right away.

The Important Takeaways

When you listen to this episode you will get lots of useful information from Christine but here’s a glimpse of some of the important topics she covers:

  • What SEO is and why it is so important to your business.
  • How to best implement SEO for your business.
  • The definition of keywords and how they fit in to SEO.
  • The importance of thinking like your target audience and not a maker when developing your keywords.

The Wrap Up

The biggest reason that SEO is important to understand and focus on is that it is how you drive customers to your sites. You want Google (and all other search platforms) to recognize you as the perfect fit for someone searching with them. As we said, there is a lot to understand about this topic. If you are looking for an additional resource that can help you really grasp SEO and how to use it, we put together The SEO Handbook. Not only is it packed full of information but there are also worksheets and formulas that will get you on the right track right away!

You can also check out our post about how to increase your website traffic to increase sales. This is another podcast we did recently that is super helpful. SEO is a huge part of driving your web traffic but there are other factors that go into it as well. We know that these technical aspects of business aren’t fun for a lot of us makers. That’s why we want to help make them as simple and usable for you as we can. We want you to succeed and watch your dreams come true!

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Up Next

Those of you who have been following us for awhile know our next podcast guest well. In Episode 15 Damon chats with the beloved Coach Mellie Mel and it is a truly uplifting and inspiring episode. Learn how Mellie Mel got started and how she turned her aspirations into realizations!  Keep checking back for new Makers Mean Business podcasts!

Podcast Episode 014 - Introduction to SEO feat. Christine Jerry, The Virtual Collab

If you are interested in working with us and learning even more about how to create, run and  grow a successful business, check out our coaching options at Damon’s Business coaching.

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