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Today Parker is talking with our friend Gretchen Wheeler about Facebook ads. This is a topic that could take days to cover but Gretchen gives us a great overview of the hows and whys of using Facebook ads. 

Hey, Y’all! Here we are at episode 6 of our new podcast, Makers Mean Business. Today we are continuing our mission to help our fellow craftprenuers build their businesses. We asked our personal Facebook ads guru, Gretchen, to talk to you guys about the basics of using this marketing technique. Gretchen isn’t just an ad expert, she also used to have a creative business. That gives her an added level of understanding when it comes to strategizing for our businesses.

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Before we dive into today’s episode, be sure to check out our other episodes of Makes Mean Business podcast.

On the last episode, MMB Episode 5, we talked with our friend Clara-Nicole of She’s Crafty Too. Clara is a fabulous example of what you can achieve when you are able to adapt your business to the changing times and changing needs of your customers. If you missed her story and helpful tips, be sure to listen back to Episode 5!

MMB Episode 6: Intro to Facebook Ads with Gretchen Wheeler

There is a lot to learn and understand about using Facebook ads in your business, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. We wanted this episode to provide you with a brief introduction. Not only will Gretchen’s insights clear some things up for you, she also gives you some strategies that you can start implementing today!

The Important Takeaways

You will hear a lot of great information from Gretchen when you listen to the episode but here’s a glimpse of some of the important topics she covers:

  • The differences between Facebook boosts and Facebook ads.
  • How to decide how much money you should be investing in Facebook ads.
  • How Facebook ads work and how to reach your target audience.
  • No matter the size of your business, there are ways you can be using Facebook marketing right now!

The Wrap Up

Our goal with this podcast is to be able to meet all of our listeners where they’re at. Some of you have budding businesses while others are well established. We want to be able to help all of you to learn and grow. Regardless of where you are right now, this episode will offer you some useful information!

We are at a place in our business where we are able to invest quite a bit into Facebook marketing. But we know that not everyone is there yet. Even if you are just starting out, you can implement some of Gretchen’s strategies into your own business. You can begin by spending a dollar a day or by doing Facebook LIVEs which are totally free. Listen now to learn how to get started!

Bonus Episode: 3 Action Items for Facebook Ads you can Take Today

Parker’s chat with Gretchen really got him thinking about the other points he wanted to share with y’all on this topic. So he sat down again and recorded a bonus episode that gives you some more detailed information about using Facebook boosts and ads. In Episode 6.5, Parker gives you some action items that you can start using right now! One of the things he talks about is how important it is to build your email list. If you would like more help with increasing your email list, we have a whole blog post that covers 4 ways to build your email list, check it out!

Up Next

We hope you get a lot out of these episodes and we are really excited about the next one! In Episode 7 we chat with our good friend Lauren Kilgore, founder of Beautiful Mesh. Lauren is all about selling on Etsy and she is fantastic at it. She will be sharing some of her best tips and tricks to help you build and expand your Etsy shop. Keep checking back for new Makers Mean Business podcasts!

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