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Damon shares in this episode exactly how to optimize your Etsy listing by using keywords, tags, and categories. Doing these simple tips when listing products on Etsy will help you as a business owner get your product found by your ideal customer. This article is great for both beginners and experienced sellers alike!

Gather around because we have another great informative episode of our Makers Mean Business (MMB) Podcast for you. Today, we will be discussing exactly how to get your product more in the eyes of your customers by optimizing your Etsy listings. You will want to stick around because with these simple steps to implement in your shop listings you will start seeing the results and loving them when the sales start coming in!

Optimize Etsy Listings using SEO Basics

Through these episodes, we truly hope you take some knowledge away and start applying it to your own businesses. As you do you will see your business start to grow and we want that for you. As you listen and learn through our Makers Mean Business Episodes hopefully you find some motivation to start making those changes where needed in your business and start making your dream a reality.

Today we have Episode 34: Optimize Your Etsy listing | SEO Basics for Creative Entrepreneurs

In our previous episode, we covered how to be authentic in your business. In that episode, I wanted to make sure you understood the importance of being authentic and how going forward in these episodes you are getting just that from me! You will from now on be getting the real me, the unscripted, maybe even hear some background noise, and who knows maybe some language others won’t approve of. I shared 5 tips to apply in your own business to help you be authentic.

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MMB Episode 34: SEO Basics to Optimize Your Etsy listing

To understand how to list your Etsy products using keywords you need to understand what keywords are. A keyword is really is just how people search on Etsy. For example, if someone is wanting a Christmas wreath for their front door they are going to search “Christmas Wreath” or “Red Christmas Wreath“. Knowing what people are searching for could really help you when listing your products on Etsy. This comes down to making sure you are adding the right keywords in your listing as well as the right title, tags, categories, and attributes within each listing.

Don’t stress you are in luck because I am sharing with you all the tips I have about listing your products on Etsy to get a higher chance of them showing up in the customer’s searches.

Tips to increase your chance of being found in an Etsy Search:

First, you want to make sure you understand who your customer is. Once you have identified your perfect person or ideal customer you can start building listings. If you need help with figure out who your perfect customer is be sure to check our training at Who Is My Perfect Person.

Once you know who your customer is think about how they would search for an item. Do they mostly use the terms like farmhouse or rustic? If so, you want to use these keywords in your title as well as tags. Once you learn how your customer searches you will start seeing the benefits of understanding how your customer thinks.

Next, do some brainstorming of how they would describe the product you have for sale. Guys this is important so listen up! Keep it Simple! Yes, that was the important part. When you describe your product don’t use all those technical terms because guess what?! Your customer doesn’t know what size wreath form it is, or what type of ribbon was used, or the type of flower stems added. That is why it is important to keep it simple. Know what they are searching for and make your product listing to match.

Last but not least, when making changes to your Etsy listings to increase your chances of being found in an Etsy search you must understand the Etsy lingo. This means understanding how tags and categories help you be more noticed in searches.

How to use categories, tags, and attributes in your optimized Etsy Listings

When it comes to categories don’t overthink it, y’all. Just use the ones Etsy has for you to preselect from. Chose the one that is most like your product. Just keep in mind these act just like tags. That means do not repeat categories of keywords in your tags.

Tags you want to use and you can add up to 13 additional phrases to describe your product. Try your best to use all 13 if possible. This will really give you a higher chance to be found in a search. Just make sure you don’t repeat tags when doing your categories and attributes. That will limit your ability to be found.

Think of attributes as just ways to provide additional details to the categories. These work like tags. A key tip also is Etsy doesn’t care about “s” at the end of words. Use them or don’t use them it really does not matter.

Now that you have some great tips and insider tips for making your Etsy listings more searchable I hope you start applying them today. Also, go back and edit the ones you have already and posted and see if it makes a difference by correcting some common mistakes that are made when listing products on Etsy.


Just remember to Keep It Simple, follow the tips above, and don’t forget to make a title that is short and sweet but also has a few keywords at the end. These tips will surely help you optimize your Etsy listing and you will be on your way to maximizing your profit through Etsy sales.

Optimize Etsy Listings using Keywords

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