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We’re back for Season 2 of the Makers Mean Business podcast! Find out why we stepped away, what we learned, and why this episode is all about how to be authentic in your business.

Hey, y’all! We stepped away from the podcast for several months, but we’re back with another episode of our Makers Mean Business (MMB) Podcast today. In fact, it’s the first episode in the second season, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you. 

If you haven’t checked out the MMB podcast yet, I highly encourage you to do so because, well, I get REAL about what’s been going on behind the scenes. 

How to Be Authentic in Business

Makers Mean Business Season 2

Our goal for every episode is to provide valuable chunks of information to you in every episode that you can directly take from that episode and apply it right away to your business. Our dream is to help you grow a successful business so that you can also follow your dream to lead a Maker’s life.

Today, we have Episode 033: Authenticity in Business | No Bullshit with Damon Oates of DecoExchange

Before we took our break, we spoke with Joy from Alphalicious Designs about how to successfully run a completely digital business. There are definitely some gems in there you won’t want to miss! If you haven’t heard it yet, give Episode 31 a quick listen. 

NOTE: Just to eliminate any confusion, episode 32 was a recap episode of all the previous episodes we had produced. That’s why I didn’t mention it specifically.

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MMB Episode 33: Authenticity In Business

Ok, y’all, here’s a moment of hard truth. I stepped away from the Makers Mean Business Podcast because I didn’t feel like I was authentic in my “podcast personality,” and I didn’t like it.

After taking a break and spending quite a bit of time doing some reflection and thinking, I came to an important realization. I wasn’t being authentic. The show was scripted, and if you know me, I am anything but scripted!

So, I’m going back to who I really am. I am doing each show in an authentic manner: no scripts and no editing. The nuggets of wisdom will still be there – wrapped in a whole new layer of authenticity!

Here are my tips on how to be authentic in business to help you…be you!

How To Be Authentic #1: Love What You Do

So many people do things for all the WRONG reasons. Passion trumps experience every single time. I started my business because I love crafting and wreath-making. That passion expanded into a desire to help other Craftpreneurs become successful with their own online businesses. 

That’s who I am and doing only that instead of trying to be everything to everyone is how I stay authentic and continue to love what I do.

How To Be Authentic #2: Hire Authentic People 

I have hired (and fired) a lot of people in my business over the last few years, and I’ve learned something. Surrounding yourself with a team as passionate about your community and mission as you are is key to keeping your business authentic.

As soon as you start hiring people that don’t align with your business vision, you’ll have a choice to make: fire them (not fun) or adapt your business to fit them. That definitely goes against how to be authentic!

How To Be Authentic #3: Acknowledge Your Weaknesses 

It’s ok. We all have weaknesses. That’s why a successful business is a TEAM of people, each working on their own areas of strength for the benefit of the business as a whole. Acknowledge your weaknesses and they’ll no longer seem so large and in charge.

How To Be Authentic #4: Talk To Everyone

I don’t care where they work within your business, you need to talk to every single employee. Connect with them. Give them the chance to tell you what they need to help you make your business better. That will help them do their job better which will help your business!

How To Be Authentic #5: Make Customer Connections 

Use every means possible to communicate genuinely with your customer. Don’t just spam them with sales; provide them with value. And have a real conversation with them!

That’s it for our highlights of Episode 33! The point I’m trying to drive at is to truly be you in your business. That genuineness – that authenticity in business – will come through and attract the right customers. 

Be sure to listen to the entire (short) episode to catch the things I didn’t include in this quick recap: Episode 033: Authenticity in Business | No Bullshit with Damon Oates of DecoExchange.

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Authenticity in Business
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