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Hey, y’all! We’re gonna learn how to make an easy snowman Christmas tree topper. You never know what you’re going to find random goodies to incorporate in your final product.

I saw a cute little snowman tree topper from Walmart, and I thought he could be amazing if he was just decorated a little bit. Right?

We could add a bow, some sprays, and then sell the final piece with a mark up.

Learn How to Make an Easy Snowman Christmas Tree Topper

What makes this project so much fun is you get to see a budget-friendly tree topper turn into a designer piece worth listing.

Let the original tree topper inspire your color theme for the project so that it truly looks cohesive.

Supplies Needed:

Watch the video tutorial below:


  1. Make a bow with layered tails and 6″ loops. Jazz it up by using a variety of ribbon sizes and patterns.
  2. Use a pipe cleaner to secure the bow nice and tight.
  3. Fluff out your bow and mount it to your Christmas tree topper.
  4. To secure the bow to the Styrofoam topper, create a hole through the Styrofoam using the skewer.
  5. Run the pipe cleaner attached to the bow through the holes.
  6. Add glue as needed to to hold the bow in place.
  7. Give it some flare by adding picks below the bow.

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