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Wreath signs: this classic accent piece can help you elevate and customize a DIY wreath. Whether you plan to sell or keep your wreath, every crafter needs to know where to find accent signs they can use. Here are our favorite Etsy stores to shop for affordable wreath signs.

Where to Buy Affordable Wreath Signs

Where to Find Affordable Wreath Signs

Here are some of our favorite places to find great wreath signs in every color and style. Not sure how to secure wood and metal signs to your wreath? Check out How to Attach Wreath Signs.


DecoExchange - Wreath Signs

In this shop, you’ll find signs of all different sizes, shapes, and occasions. Everything in the shop is finished and colorful…ready to add to your favorite wreath. This is definitely an excellent option for affordable wreath signs—every item is $25 or under. Plus, you’ll find plenty of other awesome wreath making supplies like ribbon, mesh, florals, bases and more.


Jane's Front Door Decor - Signs

Jane has a large selection of wreath signs for any occasion or holiday in her shop. With so many colors and designs, you will find something you like. Most of her wreath signs are metal, so they are weather resistant. I like this Etsy wreath sign shop because not only are her designs are beautiful, but also because each sign has three options for where the holes are placed. This gives you more control over your final design.


CraftyTessie Signs

This Etsy wreath sign shop is great for the crafter who wants to paint and create their own sign but doesn’t want to cut it out. There are a few completely finished signs to choose from, but you will also find many shapes, letters, and words that you can decorate yourself. If you have a particular design in mind and want to create it yourself, this is the place to shop.


Hot Mesh Mom blank wreath rails

This shop features hundreds of blank wood signs cut in shapes that will work for many occasions and holidays. Use these signs in tandem with your own design to make a one of a kind custom wreath. If you want something a bit more complete, Hot Mesh Mom’s shop even has designer wreaths (with accent signs) available for purchase to get the complete look for your front door in one purchase.


Affordable Wreath Signs

All the accent signs in this shop come complete and ready to be added to your wreath. From sports to welcome wreath signs to holidays to entertaining sayings, this is a great option to find the wreath sign you want at an affordable price.


Grammy's Craft Boutique - Metal Wreath Signs

You’ll find colorful lightweight aluminum wreath signs all priced from $14 and up. Check out Grammy’s Craft Boutique.


At the Ivy wooden signs

From seasonal to just plain everyday fun, At the Ivy Cottage has such creative wreath attachments to choose from. Beautifully hand painted, these wreath signs are absolutely amazing! Head over to  At the Ivy Cottage.


Emily Things Galore

Okay, this Christmas themed poop is adorable! Can you imagine making a fun wreath with this? See more of Emily Things Galore on Etsy!


JMarieDesigned - Wreath Signs

JMarie Designed has a ton of cute signs from modern to vintage. There’s a great variety of pieces, so make sure to check them all out here.


This wood wreath attachment would be perfect for a summer themed wreath don’t ya think? Shelby’s Design Studio also has a number of ocean themed signs too. So many fun options, shop here!


HeatPressPalace - Wreath Signs

There are seriously a bunch of wreath signs to choose from at Hot Press Palace on Etsy. I just checked an there are more than a 180 designs and many of them come in different colors. So enjoy!


Oh my word so many signs! Beach signs, farmhouse signs….Just check it out yourself. Shop now!


If you’re looking for some Christmas themed wreath signs, there are a few hand painted designs from SandysDecoratedEggs.



CountryBlanksandMore have a such cute collection of wreath attachments. Doesn’t this scarecrow remind you of your childhood?  Check it their whole collection here.



If you’re looking for a wide variety of designs then SweetStuffbyJen may be the right option for you.

Etsy Shops With Other Sign Options


ReNueHomeStudio - Wooden signs

Now these signs aren’t specifically made for wreath attachments, but they could definitely work. There’s something for every season, but also just cute sayings that are inspirational, funny, and just plain fun. Check out ReNue Home Studio.


If you love farmhouse style signs, this is the place to look. You could use the door hangers, rustic wood signs, and round signs as wreath attachments. Shop J2JGrowthCharts.



RiOakWesternDesign has an incredible mix of wood and metal signs that could definitely be used to accent any wreath.



Check HeartFeltGiver’s signs for the house and babies, there’s quite a few options that you could use as a wreath attachment.

Wreath Signs For the Craftpreneur

For those of you looking to create and sell accent signs, or even wreaths, you can find affordable sign cut-outs from the sites above. Then create your sign design and colors and get ready to sell.

You can sell your wreath accent signs at craft shows, but I recommend also creating a store and selling on Etsy. If you are interested in the business side of wreath making, we’ve put together this site as an excellent resource with lots of information to help you grow your business.

We would love to hear about your own creative wreath signs (or wreath signs you would like to find)! Just comment below.

If you are interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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