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Hey Y’all… So a few of you asked for me to help explain what some of these items are and why some of these items are my favorite wreath making tools! Well, the bow making tools post was so popular that we couldn’t help ourselves! Of course, we added a little section to help out the craftpreneurs too.

Also, be on the look out because we have a post planned in the very near future about tools for creating video tutorials!

Wreath Making Tools - DecoExchange

Favorite Wreath Making Tools from Inside The Wreath Chateau

Saving time or money doesn’t suck, right? In most cases, that’s exactly why they made my favorites list. Sanity is a blessing, so I try to keep mine intact in as much as possible. I’m sure most of you can appreciate that. So, what made the list and why?

STUCK LIKE GLUE TOOLS (and other fasteners)

Silicon Protection Mat… This mat lays underneath your glue to protect your work surface from the high temps of the glue gun! The mat also protects your utility mat from warping if you sat your glue pot/glue gun on top of it!

Got glue sticks? Because you’re definitely going to need them.

DecoExchange Glue Sticks

A Glue Skillet! This little device will completely change your life if you mess with a lot of florals or picks/sprays! Don’t forget the glue!

Light Duty Staple Gun – I use a staple gun to attach pipe cleaners to the back of my wooden signs so that I can secure them into my wreaths. Don’t forget the staples!

Zip tie mounts work great for attaching signs to your wreath. Just stick the mount onto the back of you sign and thread zip tie through to securely hold your sign and wreath together.


Table top wreath easel...sits on your work table so that you can easily decorate your wreaths




The Pick Machine!! If you’re into florals… This little gem is worth its weight in gold! The pick machine adds a little metal pick to your stems which helps secure them into your designs.



26 gauge wire. I highly recommend you use the 26 gauge wire when making. The thinner wire allows you to fluff out the bow so much better and it doesn’t interfere with your loops!


Don’t underestimate a good pair of scissors yall! The sharper the better (and make sure you only use them on ribbon)!!

Wire Cutters – Wire cutters are a necessity! They’re used to cut your floral wire, flower stems and so many other things that you shouldn’t use your scissors on! I’ve found that wire cutters designed for electrical use are the best and they easily cut through thicker flower stems!

A cutting mat is a necessity! Having a 24×36 cutting mat will have you reaping some major time saving rewards! The mat will protect your work surface while extending the life of your rotary cutter. I even write some of my most used measurements and formulas right on my mats!


The rotary cutter was created for cutting fabric, but its a must have to cut deco mesh! Leave those scissors behind and only use a sharp rotary cutter to avoid additional fraying and damage to your mesh.

A metal hole punch. The metal hole punch allows you to quickly and easily add small holes to metal signs so that you can wire them into your wreaths! This to will take the place of the drill or old hammer and nail trick!


When you’re making a crap ton of wreaths, you want to make the production process as easy as possible. Stem cutters make a world of difference.

DecoExchange Stem Cutters



Shipping boxes yall! If you’re in the business of selling wreaths you’ll need to make sure you can ship them! 75% of my wreath sales have to be shipped! I use two boxes 22x22x8 and 24x24x12…

A Square reader – You need a way to process in person credit card sales! Almost 90% of my in person sales are done by debit/credit card.


Umbrella Bags- Wait what? YES!! Umbrella bags! Store your opened rolls of mesh inside an umbrella bag and they’ll never get tangled up again. It reduces waste and keeps your opened mesh from getting damaged! You’ll thank me later for this one! 😉

Umbrella Bags - Deco Mesh Storage


Tagging Gun – I use a tagging gun to add price tags and business cards to all of my wreaths.

If you’re need of any help with bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How to Make Wreaths. We would love to see your ruffle wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group. If you are interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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